2014 Winter Olympics Highlights in GIFs

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The games have just begun but the competition is fierce! From the opening ceremony to the gold medal wins, we’ve captured the best and the worst 2014 Winter Olympics Highlights in GIFs.

The Sochi events began with a grand Opening Ceremony. The colorful bouncy contraption is now a party must-have!

Opening Ceremony in Sochi Russia

Opening Ceremony in Sochi Russia

Conditions in Sochi did not always cooperate.

Extreme fog delayed the snowboard cross and biathlon while workers attempted to aliviate conditions with large fans. The games carried on but visibility issues affected performances.

2014 Winter Olympics

Competitors crash off a drop during the women’s snowboard cross.

2014 Winter Olympics

Richard Freitag (Germany) jumps in foggy conditions.

Slick slopes caused difficulty for even the fiercest of competitors.

2014 Winter Olympics

Snowboard Slopestyle turns downhill.

Figure skating heated up quickly when Russia took the first gold medal with some surprising stand out performances.

15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya stunned the crowd with elegant execution and helped push her team to the top. Lipnitskaya crushed her competition with style and grace.

Yulia Lipnitskaya

Lipnitskaya’s performance brought the crowd to their feet

Dizzy yet? The Russian team continued to wow with amazing jumps and performances.

31 year old Evgeni Plushenko

31 year old Evgeni Plushenko commanded the ice

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov took the gold putting Russia back on top in figure skating. Russia had won gold 12 straight Olympics in the event before the streak ended four years ago.

Russian pair skaters fly high.

Russian pair skaters fly high

18 year old Gracie Gold stole America’s heart with a beautiful entrance. Team USA took the bronze.

Gracie Gold skated with a smile and confidence

Gracie Gold skated with a smile and confidence

American couple skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White set an Olympic record in the ice short dance with a score of 78.89.

2014 Winter Olympics

The animated couple brought high energy.

In other skating news, the Dutch dominated in a clean sweep of gold, silver and bronze in the men’s 500 meter speed skating while their competition fell short. The Mulder brother twins took the gold and bronze while their compatriot, Jan Smeekens, finished second.

2014 winter olympics

Daniel Greig (AUS) falls short

The USA hockey team had a big win on the ice and will have a shot at the gold medal.

2014 Winter Olympics

Backes shoots a goal.

Sage Kotsenburg won the first gold medal for America in men’s snowboard slopestyle, an event that was under the spotlight after Shaun White pulled out at the last minute, concerned with the potential risk of injury.

Sage Kotsenburg

Kotsenburg remained laid-back after he won the Gold

American Jamie Anderson also won gold in the inaugural women’s snowboard slopestyle event.

Anderson wins gold

Anderson danced to ‘Nas’ before her gold medal run

Sharing is Caring: Tina Maze (Slovenia) and Dominique Gisin (Switzerland) were happy to be declared co-gold medalists. In a rare occurrence, they tied in the alpine skiing event although Maze started the race 30 minutes after Gisin.

2014 Winter Olympics

A look at how the competitors took similar turns

Not everybody on the mountain flew quite as high. Bode Miller lost an expected medal in the men’s downhill event citing visibility issues. While Miller had difficulty seeing, his wife’s disappointment was as clear as day.

Bode Miller

Bode Miller’s wife reacts to his unexpected loss

Shaun White’s strategy to focus only on the men’s half pipe fell threw when he caught the edge of the pipe and slipped twice in his run. The two stumbles put White in fourth, missing his chance at another Olympic medal.

Shaun White Misses

Shaun White clips the edge of the half pipe

American figure skater Ashley Wagner was also not impressed and called “bull” when she received the scores to her performance.

Ashley Wagner Face

Wagner disagrees with the judges

As the 2014 Winter Olympics continue, the highs and the lows intensify. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the trending news and photos.