30 Million! Wooo Hooo!

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Astounding news today here in Photobucket land!
We’ve hit 30,000,000 registered users today.
That’s HUGE!

How HUGE is that?
Approximately the number of heart beats you’ve had since last Valentine’s Day
The amount of dollars that Romanian Villager’s are trying to sue for the Borat Movie
The # of lines of code that are used to make Microsoft Office in Mac
The # of paperclips collected in 2004 by a school in Norway for a history project

The Population of Peru — 28,302,603
Three times the population of Michigan — 10,120,860
Six times the population of Colorado — 4,301,261
Ten times the square mileage of Australia –2,978,145 square miles

So we’re dancing a lot here at the Photobucket offices.
Enough to hike up the number of heartbeats we’ll have until our next big milestone.

Congrats to Laura M. For being our 30 Millionth registered user.
We *heart* you. Each and every one of you!

Updated stats from Mike our VP of Engineering!
30 Million is:
* the number of bags were “mishandled” by all airlines last year
* the total number of surveillance cameras in the US
* the number American adults meet standard diagnostic criteria for at least one personality disorder
* the total number of bloggers in China
* the total number of foreign visitors to the UK last year
* the number of dog owners in the US
* the population of Canada in 2000
* the number of cellular subscribers in Russia
* the total number of sheep in the US in 1950
* the total number of hot dogs consumed in baseball parks each year
* the number of cars in the UK
* the number of cars in 2005 in China


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    December 23, 2006

    30 million : the amounts of ants in my pants. jk

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    December 8, 2006

    Haha congrats =)