5 reasons why Lasso makes group photo sharing and requesting simple

If you’ve ever gone on a family vacation you know how difficult it is to collect ALL the great photos you want from each family member. Even more difficult: try turning all those family vacation photos into a photo book without jumping across multiple apps, websites, and print shops.

We feel your pain…

That’s why we’re excited to share with you the top 5 reasons why Lasso (hint: Photobucket’s new group photo app) makes group photo sharing and requesting simple.


#1: Lasso groups are private

You can easily create private groups based on your preference. Create one for your college besties, family members, or colleagues. Anyone from your address book can be added to one or many of your Lasso groups. Photos shared with the group are visible only to those in the group so everything remains private. You can choose to share Lasso photos to your social networks, but that’s up to you!

1-groups are private

#2: Chat off of social media

The built in chat feature allows you to have fun and personal conversations that aren’t broadcasted to all of your many “friends”, followers, or connections on social media. It doesn’t matter what type of phone or mobile device your friends and family have because Lasso can be accessed across all Android and iOS mobile devices. You can have 1:1 conversations or include the whole group.

#3: You can request multiple photos from multiple people at once

How hard is it to get photos from your family after a vacation or from your friends after a party?  Pretty darn hard. We’re making requesting photos a whole lot easier with Lasso’s request feature. All you need to do is choose the person, or multiple people, you want photos from and select the types of photos you’d like. Instantly your friends receive a notification with your request and can send them your way.

3 - request multiple photos

#4: Your friends don’t need to be Lasso users

Unlike other apps or social media networks, your friends and family don’t need to be Lasso users in order to view and receive photos. Anyone who is in your address book can get your Lasso photos. Non-Lasso users receive photos via SMS. This especially comes in handy for those family members that don’t have social media profiles and don’t see all the group shots you post online.

#5: Built in print shop

Once you’ve gathered all the photos you want from your friends and family, you can turn them into printed goodies directly from the app. This means you no longer need to upload photos from your phone to the web, find a print shop online, upload your photos to that print shop, and create  prints online. Lasso takes all those steps out of the equation. Think of how much time you’ll save! The Lasso print shop will offer you a number of different print products from home decor, to canvas prints, to photo books, and other photo gifts. Once you’ve created your print orders, they get shipped directly to your doorstep. How easy is that?!


Download Lasso today to start sharing, requesting, and soon – printing group photos! Lasso is available at Google Play and the App Store.

Want more info? Visit our Lasso FAQ page to get the full scoop.