AlwaysOn – Engaging Contagious Behavior w/Digg Yelp Photobucket CEOs

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January 31, 2007
AlwaysOn: Engaging Contagious Behavior w/Digg Yelp Photobucket CEOs
Allen Stern, Center Networks

AlwaysOn is holding a workshop about how to engage contagious behavior. The panel includes Jay Adelson, Digg CEO, Jeremy Stoppleman, Yelp CEO and Alex Welch, CEO Photobucket.

Panel workshop now completed. Comments below from the panel. If there is an interest, I can post audio and video from the session.

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Img by Allen Stern

Moderator: What is the definition of contagious behaviour?

Jay – engaging consumers is contagious.

Alex – i think of external and internal for contagious behavior. Includes the team – we grew from 1 to 60 pretty quick and how do you gt the culture to come together as a team. And the outbound part with listening to your consumers.

Esther – teaching users how to take control. Esther starts right out by shilling her company.