Animated GIF Extravaganza

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Feature Updates, Gifs | 4 Comments

Funny GIFs

Exciting news for you animated GIF fans out there – we’ve now made it easier than ever to find and share GIFs on Photobucket! And with one of the biggest animated GIF catalogs on the web, you may find yourself spending a lot more time browsing our site.

After you perform a search, you’ll now see you can filter by ‘Animated GIFs’ (along with Pictures and Videos).  Note: The ‘Pictures’ tab will continue to include animated GIFs, along with all other photo types.


You’ll see a similar tab on Mobile Web as well:


You can also do a specific search for Animated GIFs using the drop down menu in the search bar.

This new search option is very addicting, and we’re having a lot of fun with it here at Photobucket. Here are some of our favorite searches we’ve found so far:

The possibilities are endless. Happy searching!


  1. Jenny Claxton
    August 29, 2014

    I keep having trouble with uploading GIFs and any and all animated files.sometimes I have to feed them through 10 times in hope one will upload which in some cases none do and in some cases I would have to log out then log back in and then maybe 3 would upload……I just wanted you to be aware of this problem.
    Thank you.

    • Hannah Moorhead
      September 2, 2014

      Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for calling this issue to our attention. We will look into this further and find out what the problem is.

  2. Rob Mantey
    May 7, 2014

    If only there was a filter for just my photos and videos. I think it’s way more important to be able to find your own kitten photo’s then get a thousand photos of someone else’s cat.

    • Hannah Moorhead
      May 8, 2014

      Good morning Rob,

      Thank you for the feedback. We are releasing improved search functions so that you will be able to search your own media more easily. Stay tuned! These changes will be coming in the next month.