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Announcing the Photobucket Jwidget!!!

The Photobucket Jwidget is an industry-first tool that will enable your website users to access and share their Photobucket images and video without ever leaving your site.

What is the Jwidget?
It is a free plugin that can be implemented in minutes giving any Web site image and video hosting and publishing functionality at no additional cost. It’s a simple IFrame that lives on your website, allowing your members to access and publish images and video content from their Photobucket accounts.

Why should you use it?
If your site accepts user-generated image and video content, the Photobucket Jwidget is a valuable service to your users that will enhance their loyalty & retention. It will expand your user base and tap into Photobucket’s 18 million members. And it will deliver only clean content, given Photobucket’s industry-leading content moderation.

How do you get the Photobucket Jwidget?
Just go to

Try the Photobucket Jwidget today for Free!


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