Around the World in Pie

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Happy Pi Day! Although we do not claim to be pi experts, we certainly know a thing or two about pie. Sweet or savory, puffy or flakey – we’ve gathered our favorite dinner and dessert adaptations from around the world, photos and recipes included. Bon appetit!

American Apple

American Apple Pie

A good ole’ fashioned dessert. This American classic has been enjoyed since early settlers arrived baring apple spurs, planting trees that produced a magical fruit. Soft, seasoned apples make this dish irresistible. Get the recipe!

German Chocolate

Chocolate Pie Recipe

Chocolate lovers near and far know that German Chocolate Cake is the epicenter of cocoa awesomeness. But many don’t know that the pie version is just as decadent and addictive. Get the recipe!

Aussie Meat Pie

Meat Pie Recipe

This iconic savory meat pastry is popular in Australia and New Zealand, even being labeled Australia’s “national dish.” These larger or hand-sized snacks are stuffed with meat, gravy and onions, often enjoyed while watching sporting events. Get the recipe!

Mexican Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie Recipe

Thick, substantial tamales are a Mexican favorite that translate fantastically to pie form. Traditionally made with masa, this creative evolution of Mexican tamales mixes modern and ancient favorites. Get the recipe!

Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple Pie Recipe

This Canadian favorite is sweet natured like the country. The element of surprise is in Canada’s preferred pie accompaniments, which include cheese, peanut butter, and even hot sauce. This dessert, however, goes best with ice cream! Get the recipe! 

Peruvian Purple Corn Pudding

Blue Corn Pudding Pie

This North American adaptation of a Peruvian dessert favorite takes the traditional blue corn filling made from boiling fruit and purple corn, and pairs it with a complimenting flakey  crust. Get the recipe! 

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Traditionally, a British-style pie has both a base and a covering of pastry. However, one of the most popular dishes across the pond is Shepherd’s (Cottage) Pie, which doesn’t involve any pastry at all! Get the recipe! 

Nigerian Meat Pies

Meat Pie Recipe

A spicy, curry infused version of a beef empanada. These snack-sized meat pockets are savory and rich. A delicious product of a traditional Cornish pastry combined with an African spice palate. Get the recipe!

In honor of National Pi Day you could brush up on your math skills – or just grab a slice of deliciousness and celebrate! Check out more mouthwatering recipes and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with trending news and photos.