Upload to Album – It’s a Snap!

At Photobucket, we continually strive to have the best photo album experience on the web. Over the coming weeks, we will bring new functionality to your album pages on the website, making it easier to upload, manage, view and share your photo albums.

We recently launched a new, straight forward way to upload directly into your album of choice while viewing that album. Just look for this new uploading hot spot:

Upload Hotspot

 You can start uploading by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a new album, or navigate to the existing album you would like to upload to.

  2. Drag images and videos from your desktop directly into the album.Drag to Album

  3. You can also click the hotspot to open a file browser and choose photos to upload that way.Open File Browser

  4. Voila! Your upload should begin.

You can browse your library while photos are uploading without interrupting the process.  The upload progress bar at the bottom of the page allows you to monitor your uploads and quickly access newly added photos.

Once the upload is complete, we’ll arrange the photos into your album based on your organization preferences.

More exciting album updates are on the way!

Something specific you’d like to see? Let us know your album wish-list in the comments below.



Update: New Slideshow Features

Photobucket is excited to announce updates to album slideshows. This update makes sharing slideshows easier and more engaging.  

You can now embed slideshows into your website or blog.  Here’s an example: 

Slideshows now update automatically as you add more photos into the album. No need to refresh, anyone viewing your slideshow will see the content as you intend it to be viewed.

Advanced features:
To better meet the diverse needs of our users, adjusting the size of embedded slideshows is now possible. The ability to adjust dimensions allows users to customize slideshows to best fit the page where they are displayed. When pasting your embed code, manually adjust the height and width parameters to make your slideshow bigger or smaller than our default size.


While the slideshow will play by default when visitors arrive to your page, you can also turn off autoplay by adding this parameter to the album URL source when pasting the embed code:


Example with this added:

Fans of the old slideshow – don’t worry, we’ve left that in place for you to continue using.

Stay tuned for more slideshow updates!