Album Privacy Settings Explained

At Photobucket, keeping your memories safe and secure is our main priority. We have several users a week contact us requesting more information on how to update the privacy settings in their account. We whipped together this post to give you a comprehensive overview of how to update your privacy settings. We hope it helps!

Regardless of whether you set your account to public or private, only you have the ability to make changes to your albums. Nobody else can edit, delete, or rename your photos and albums at any privacy level.

To modify your album privacy settings

  1. Click on the Lock icon next to the album title.
  2. Select the Edit link after Privacy Settings.
  3. Choose your privacy level: PublicPrivate, or Private with a Guest Password.



Public Albums

When an album is public:

  • Photos and videos that have tags, titles, or descriptions display in Photobucket search results when someone searches for the terms in the tags, titles, or descriptions.
  • Photos in the album may appear in other search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Users can follow linked photos on other sites back to your album and browse other photos in the album.
  • Photos recently uploaded to the album appear on your Profile page.
  • If you have, photos uploaded to the album will appear in on followers’ Community page.


Private Albums

When an album is private:

  • Photos and videos in the album do not display in Photobucket search results.
  • Your followers will not see photos uploaded to the album.
  • You will not see images you upload to the album on your Profile page.
  • You may share without allowing viewers access to the entire album.


Password Protected Albums

When an album is password protected:

  • Users enter the password in order to view the album.
  • If someone searches for your username, they cannot access your password protected albums unless they have a guest password.
  • Content will not display in search results.
  • Guests to your album can copy and share photos in the album – this cannot be disabled, so only share with people you trust!

Important! Content in private & password protected albums is still subject to our Terms of Use and may be moderated at any time by Photobucket.

Content Privacy

  • Allow others to copy my media: Select this option to publicly display the download option on the full-size view for images, the copy to my album option on the full-size view for images and videos, and allow right-click copy for images. If you turn the option off, it deactivates these features.
  • Allow comments in my albums: This option allows or disallows comments from others on your albums. Select this option to display the comments box in your albums. If you turn the option off, the Comment box is removed from your albums. But who doesn’t want to hear what others have to say?
  • Show where my photos were taken: Select this option to display a link to Google maps in the Photo info panel in the full-size view for your images. If you turn the option off, the GPS data and the link does not display. If your camera does not provide geographical latitude and longitude (GPS data) in the recorded data when you upload your images, the link does not display, even when you have the option selected.
  • When I upload, permanently remove information about where my photos were taken: Select this option to strip any location data from your photos as you upload them. Any uploads that occur after you make this selection will never show location data, even if you choose “Show where my photos were taken” in the previous step.


  • Allow others to follow me: Select this option to allow people to follow you on Photobucket. Followers will see your latest (public) uploads, so they can keep up on all the shenanigans you’ve been up to. If you block all users on the Manage page, this checkbox is unchecked.

Album Privacy

  • Public Albums: Clicking this button makes all your albums public so you can show off how cool you are. Your public albums are visible to everyone and appear in search results.
  • Private Albums: Clicking this button makes all your albums private. Private albums are hidden from everyone, and will not appear in search results.
  • Password Protected Albums: Selecting this means that select albums are only visible to people you invite to view them. The content in these albums does not appear in search results.
Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done!

We hope this helps! If you have any questions about privacy shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Not on social media? Check out our Help Center.

Photobucket Holiday Party

Last weekend, the Photobucket team took a break from crunching code in cargo shorts to get suited-up and celebrate the holidays with our friends, families and fellow Photobucketeers.  We decided to take this rare well-dressed occasion to show you some of the faces behind Photobucket.

Happy Holiday’s from the Photobucket team!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Photobucket!

Holiday-themed stickers are now available in the editor. Use the stickers to create one of kind holiday cards or to add a little festiveness to your photos. This sticker pack will be available until just after the new year.

Would you like to have your photos featured on our Facebook page? Simply edit an image using the holiday stickers and post it in the comments below. Your photo may be shared with the entire Photobucket community!



#pbHalloween Contest Winners

With just under 2,000 awesome submissions, choosing  three winners in our Halloween Photo Contest was a challenge! Thanks to everyone who submitted their best Halloween shots.


1) Cutest Costume – The Referee 

2) Scariest Photo – Zombie Couple


3) Most Beautiful – Pumpkin Truck

7e834a15-9ba9-4fef-968f-68e933893c96-1Congratulations to our winners who will be receiving a credit for a 16×20 canvas print!


In the News: Photobucket grows again; seeks its former buzz

Photobucket grows again; seeks its former buzz

Mike Clark, chief technology officer, Kate Hare, chief product officer and Tom Munro, CEO at Photobucket. Kathleen Lavine | Denver Business Journal

Mike Clark, chief technology officer, Kate Hare, chief product officer and Tom Munro, CEO at Photobucket.
Kathleen Lavine | Denver Business Journal

“Photobucket is becoming a growth story again. A year after completely overhauling the photo-sharing website and deepening its Denver roots with the return of one of its founding employees, the company is issuing updated apps and debuting a new technology before year’s end.”

Read the full article here.
By Greg Avery
Denver Business Journal

Halloween Photo Contest!

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.35.44 AMShare your best Halloween pics, whether dressed as your favorite TV character, twerking singer, or member of Congress, just add #pbHalloween and you will be entered to win.

How to enter: 
1) Shoot your best Halloween-themed photo.
2) Share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #pbHalloween.
3) Check out all the contest entries here, vote for your favorites by commenting or liking the photo.

Need costume ideas? Check out this post for inspiration. 

Our 3 favorite photos will win a free 16×20 canvas of their Halloween shot!


Note: We respect your privacy, only photos from Twitter and Instagram accounts set to public will be entered into the contest. 

5 Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Dress up as a character from your favorite TV show or movie. It’s always a hit!


ducks1Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.35.44 AM

2. Go as a trending pop-star…
another-take-on-miley-cyrus-75eb48b53828837a… it’s also a great choice for your furry friends.


3. Be a zombie politician in search of brains!
Michele Bachmann as a Zombie - photo illustration by Charles George

4.  Dress up as your favorite piece of art.  banksy-halloween frida-kahlo-halloween-custome

5. Take a classic approach, do something creepy, gory, scary or gross.


Need more inspiration to choose the perfect Halloween costume? Check out our Halloween category.

Don’t forget to enter our Halloween Photo Contest!