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TECH TUESDAY: 3 interesting tech startups in Colorado

9NEWS’ Gregg Moss sat down with Scott Yates to take a look at three “buzzworthy” Colorado startups. The three companies fall into three categories, “Early, but Interesting,” “Colorado’s Own” and “Crushing It,” which is a Colorado company that’s doing really well in the marketplace. Read the full article here.

Spooktacular Halloween-Themed Stickers

iap_preview@2xOur new Halloween-themed stickers are only here for a scare! Find them in the editor before they vanish at the end of October.

Would you like to have your photos featured on our Facebook page or in our October Newsletter? Simply edit an image using the Halloween stickers and post it in the comments below. Your photo may be shared with the entire Photobucket community!


Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Lofing

9afaa997-6ccb-452a-bce9-2b31eb9cd985_zps65835020Meet Jennifer Lofing. Jennifer’s been here at Photobucket for over seven years. As a content moderator, she works to keep a clean, safe place. We want to know: What does Jen, who has seen it all, store in her Photobucket account?

PB: Jen, tell us a bit about yourself.

Jennifer: Well, I’ve worked at Photobucket for over seven years. I’ve been through a few different departments but made my way back to Content Mod. Outside of work, I enjoy riding my Harley, spending time with my dogs and fiancé, and working on my fitness.


PB: Help us understand your job. What is a content moderator?

Jennifer: Content Mod, as we refer to it, is basically looking at the millions of pics and vids that are uploaded to the site and removing the ones that violate our Terms of Use.

PB: As a content moderator, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Share with us some of your favorite pictures.

Jennifer: Here’s a link to some of my favorites. Viewing photos and videos everyday, I’m always coming across great new stuff. It’s easy to fill an album.

PB: You’re a Photobucket veteran. Tell us your favorite way to use Photobucket.

Jennifer: I love the iPhone app. I take pictures of everything with my phone. Knowing that they’re all safely backed up in my Photobucket account is great. I can go there, crop, edit and delete the bad ones, and share with my family. It’s awesome.

Stay tuned for more Photobucket Employee Spotlights!

August Cover Photo Contest

We have a photo finish! The vote count was so close that we’re announcing two winners, and we will feature both as our Facebook page cover photo this August.

Congratulations to Photobucket users It_rs_photos and 1pinto!

Coming in at #1 with a very slight lead, Human Hands by It_rs_photos! 
landscape sunset ocean rocks

Coming in at #2, Owl in Flight by 1pinto.

Check out the runners-up and download the cover photos.

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Thin Strings of Baikal: 400km on Ice Skates

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Recent Updates: July 2013

Introducing exciting new Photobucket updates!

  • Increased upload speed 
  • Drag and drop images anywhere on the page
  • Upload entire folders when using the Google Chrome browser
  • “Recent Uploads” view – This displays the last 300 images uploaded to your account, sorted by newest to oldest for those uploads. 

Check out this support article for a more detailed look at these updates. 

Thank you!


Photobucket Unveils “Stories” Feature for Creating Lasting Multimedia Narratives

All-new Photobucket experience
leads to strong growth in new registrations; time spent on site more than
doubles as user engagement increases.

DENVER – Photobucket Corporation announced the availability of “Photobucket Stories”
on November 15th, providing users with an easy new way to combine
photos and videos into complete, sharable narratives. Fresh on the heels of the
rollout of the all-new beta Photobucket
user experience
, the site is seeing significant increases in user engagement as Stories
helps to transform the act of photosharing into the art of storytelling.

During its initial beta period, the
all-new Photobucket has seen continued growth with new registrations reaching one
million new users, while time spent on the site is up two and a half times per
user, as compared with the existing site. Photobucket users are also active and
engaged with the new Stories feature, generating more than 100,000 “Stories” created
in the limited availability beta period.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth and
impressive user engagement levels as a result of our recent redesign,” said Tom
Munro, Photobucket’s CEO. “Our mission has always been to help people preserve
and protect their memories, but now we’ve been able to take that a step further
and turn memories into meaningful, unique stories; the new features we’ve built
into the all-new Photobucket allow users to do so much more with their photos
and video than ever before.”

Photobucket Stories allows users to easily
create and collaborate on living stories by inviting friends and family to
contribute photos, video and text to a single, sharable canvas. Once Stories
are created, they are easily embeddable on blogs, personal, and brand sites, and
can be shared among friends from mobile devices or across Facebook, Twitter and
other social networks.

“Building upon the success of the all-new
Photobucket, we’re excited to officially launch Photobucket Stories, which is
now fully integrated into the user experience,” said Kate Hare, vice president
of product management, Photobucket. “We wanted to make it easy for everyone to
collaborate and share their complete stories. Friends and family are a big part
of our stories and they all have a unique perspective on an event, and
Photobucket Stories lets everyone enjoy the fun of creating a story around the

Finally, there is a complete,
collaborative and contextual way for creating and sharing your life’s
adventures, from the epic to the everyday. No longer are consumers confined to
sharing images one at a time or in structured album formats; with Photobucket
Stories, the larger narrative evolves with richer context and meaning. Stories allows
users to:

  • Create,
    curate and tell a complete story by combining photos, videos, text captions
    and comments
  • Add to stories
    from mobile devices with direct upload from camera rolls in both Android
    and iPhone
  • Share a
    story preview via Facebook Timeline, or directly invite Facebook friends
    to help contribute to a story
  • Control
    privacy settings to share your story with a select group – or the world

“With the addition of Stories, Photobucket
continues to deliver on our promise to be the one place for all your photos and
videos so you can do
everything you
want with them,” said Munro. “We’ve already taken the guesswork out of
preserving and protecting your memories; but thanks to Stories, you can now add
new context and meaning to your adventures, connecting with others in a more
complete way than ever before.” 

To celebrate the launch of Stories,
Photobucket is also announcing its “
Life’s An Adventure” contest, in which users are invited to chronicle and share their
interesting exploits for the opportunity to win $25,000. Anyone can submit an
entry in story form via for consideration. Entries are now being accepted through December 9, and
winners will be announced on December 14.



 About Photobucket

Photobucket transforms the act of
photosharing into the art of storytelling. As the world’s leading consumer service
dedicated to preserving and sharing the entire photo and video lifecycle,
Photobucket hosts more than 10 billion images from 100 million registered
members, who upload more than four million images and videos per day from the
Web and connected digital devices. Photobucket’s headquarters are in Denver
with regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

For the latest feature announcements and
news, please visit the Photobucket press blog at

To create a free Photobucket account,
users can visit, or find the Photobucket Mobile Application and Snapbucket app available in the app store on all major smartphone
platforms. Photobucket supports Mobile Web, iPhone, Android based devices,
BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.



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