Print From Anywhere

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Print From Anywhere

Social networks allow us to share our lives anytime, anywhere with the people who matter most. But with so many photos shared across a myriad of social sites, keeping track of our photo memories can become quite the mess. Imagine the ability to print Instagram photos on high quality canvases, your favorite Facebook memories in beautifully framed […]

Use the Photobucket App to Post GIFs to Twitter

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Use the Photobucket App to Post GIFs to Twitter

Twitter allows GIFs! Heard the good news? Twiter has (again) allowed animated GIFs! Canned GIFs are fun, but your own personalized GIFs are even better. We’ll show you how to share your custom Photobucket GIFs onto Twitter. What you need to know: Update your Twitter App (Mobile) Make sure you’ve got the latest version of […]

Quick & Easy Tilt-Shift in the Photobucket Editor

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Quick & Easy Tilt-Shift in the Photobucket Editor

Never heard of tilt-shift photos? Well, you’ve probably seen them. Tilt-shift is a photography technique, often employed in the architectural photography, that takes advantage of selective focus. You’re probably more familiar with the technique being used to create a ‘miniaturized’ effect on cityscapes, stadiums, etc. How to fake a tilt-shift photo with the Photobucket editor: […]

#Hashtags 101

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Jokes starting to fall flat these days? Are likes on your Instagram as elusive as parental love? Feeling a bit less relevant all around? I’VE GOT THE REMEDY FOR YOU Check out this overview on hashtags and you’ll be able to #wtf, #yolo, and #lol in no time! Your jokes will find relevance again, your […]

Back Dat App Up — Auto Backup for Mobile

If you don’t have it already, here’s a link to the app for iOS users, and for Android users. Question: What do all of these have in common? Toilets Rainy days Toasters Deep fryers Cups of water Cups of green beer Gravity Black holes Answer: Thaaat’s riiight. Each one of these things desperately want to destroy […]

Keep Your Photobucket Private and Hidden from Search

In an age of so much technical progress, somehow our privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. At Photobucket, we want you to be happy, and to be confident that nobody is snooping through your private photos. Occasionally, we receive comments from users who are vetting their own persona in anticipation of job interviews, school […]

Getting to Know the All-New Photobucket Mobile App for Android: Auto Backup

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Don’t have the app? Get it! AUTO BACKUP Our new Auto Backup feature makes securing your mobile photos a breeze. Auto Backup will automatically upload each new photo you take to a new album in your Photobucket library. The album will be private by default, so nobody else can see your images. To enable auto backup, first tap the Photobucket icon […]

Getting to Know the All-New Photobucket Mobile App: Editing Photos

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There are a few different ways to access the editor: From the Home page, tap Edit on any of your recent uploads Open an image and then tap the editor symbol, a pencil, at the bottom of the screen Taking a new photo and uploading from within the app will automatically open up the editor Once […]

Getting to Know the New Photobucket for Android: The Basics

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Don’t have the app? Get it! GETTING STARTED After starting up the app, you have the choice of signing into your account, creating a new account, or just browsing through some photos. Let’s start by signing in. HOME Once logged in, you’ll land on our beautiful and functional Home screen. Not only can you scroll through your […]