It’s A Best Friend Thing

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Friends are the greatest.

They make us laugh, listen to our problems and offer advice that others may be too scared to deliver. All friends are important and have something unique to share. But how do you know if you are attached to a friend for life? A guide at what makes a best friend simply the best.



In social situations, humans are hesitant to take the last of something. The last veggie on the party tray, the last cookie or that last slice of pizza. A best friend does not hesitate in taking the last of something, and will likely taunt you while devouring its entirety.

The Pop In.


A courteous call, text or email usually proceeds a visit to somebody’s house. A best friend shows up unexpectedly, usually without knocking. But don’t worry, they will make their presence known… by yelling, interrupting or frantically talking with their hands.



Best friends except you to keep an array of tasty snacks on hand and have no problem rummaging through your fridge and pantry when their hunger pain strikes. Finders keepers in the snack seeking — everything is fair game!

A Solid Reference.


Say a stranger wanted to know a little about you. If they asked a family member or friend, they’d probably hear about your awesome achievements, beaming personality and infectious sense of humor. A best friend would impulsively recite that embarrassing story you’ve been trying to forget and probably even show a photo as solid evidence to the event.



From finishing eachother’s thoughts to not speaking at all! Many times words are just unnecessary.  A glance, nundge, the look… you are so in synch with each other, you often creep others out.



A friend would rush to reimburse you for that tab you picked up when they forgot their wallet. With a best friend, you never really pay eachother back for anything. It just all evens itself out!



Every family has their quirks. Your family doesn’t even attempt to behave or hide their weirdness when your best friend is around, and it’s not uncommon that they will ask how your bestie is doing more than how you are.



Your sense of humor would probably send the general public running. A best friend not only laughs, but engages in the ludicrous conduct with you, egging you on to keep it going far past the point of funny.



Friends will courteously make plans with you for the upcoming weekend. Lunch dates, movies, festivals — a best friend just knows wherever you go, they go, and will show up at your house every weekend, ready for anything.



A friend will get dressed, shower and brush their teeth before meeting up. A best friend wakes up at your house, rolls out of bed  and refuses to change out of sweats for the day, regardless of potential public appearances.

In honor of International Friendship Day, we encourage you to show some love to your best friends. Without them life would be  just too easy.

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