The Best Spring Flowers

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Winter winds down, the sun emerges from behind the clouds, snow melts, and the earth gives way to beautiful spring flowers.

The Prettiest Perennials: Plant your perennials in the spring so that they flourish all summer. These flowers go into hibernation during the cold months so that they can rest and return season after season. 

Peonies – Beautiful, delicate flowers that are easy to maintain and live strong throughout the season.


Peonies can be enjoyed year after year.

Lilys of the Valley – Tiny, delicate flowers that resembles a wedding bell.

Perennial Flowers

A common choice for wedding flowers.

Geraniums – Come in a variety of colors and are easy to grow.

Perennial Flowers

Geraniums can handle more extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

Poppies Bring a unique look to any garden and are sure to stand out.

Perennial Flowers

Available as both a perennial and an annual.

Candytufts – Soft, white flowers that are great for filling space.

Perennial Flowers

Annual Candytufts also bloom in pink and lavender.

Forget-Me-Nots – Tiny blooms that multiply and spread out quickly.

Perennial Flowers

These flowers stay low to the ground and illuminate at night.

Baskets-of-Gold – Very full and lush and are great for bordering gardens edges.

Perennial Flowers

Also referred to as Goldentufts orAlyssum Perennials.

Bleeding Hearts – The most romantic perennial gets its name from its beautiful shape.

Perennial Flowers

Bleeding Hearts are a unique, distinguishable flower.

Amazing AnnualsPlant your annuals in the spring so that they bloom in the summer. These flowers only last one season but bring originality and character to any garden. A green rule of thumb is to create a balance between annual and perennial flowers. 

Petunias – One of the most popular types of annual flowers, Petunias can stand up to high heat.

Annual Flowers

Petunias come in many different colors.

Marigolds – A cheerful flower that is easy to grow. 

Annual Flowers

Boast gold, yellow, copper and brass colors.

Angel’s Trumpets – Fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers dangle from long, strong stems.

Annual Flowers

This flower loves the heat and tropical climates.

Begonias – A full proof annual that is easy to grow and maintain.

Annual Flowers

Plant after danger of a winter frost has passed.

Pansies  – Have long life spans and grow from the spring well into the fall.

Annual Flowers

Pansies come in many different colors and are easy to grow.

Nemesias – Sweet, pleasant and great as a background flower.

Annual Flowers

Nemesia can survive in cooler temperatures.

Flower Bulbs: Flower bulbs are easy to grow. Simply plant them in the fall and they will bloom in the spring. They are planted in the cooler months because they need the cold to grow.  

Tulips – These elegant flowers come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Flower Bulbs

Known as the Easter flower.

Crocuses – One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.

Flower Bulbs

Catch them quickly because they don’t hang around for long!

Daffodils: Hearty, cheerful flowers that will come back year after year!

Flower Bulbs

Daffodils are a sign that Spring has sprung!

Ahhh, spring! It smells so good. So grab your gardening sheers and gloves and head to the garden! These bright and colorful flowers will bring you smiles all season.

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