Bloggers Blog – Photobucket CEO Says MySpace Still Growing

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Photobucket CEO Says MySpace Still Growing

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Photobucket Co-founder and CEO Alex Welch told’s The Browser that MySpace’s web traffic is still growing. Alex Welch also mentioned growth at niche social networks like and scrapbooking websites like Two Peas in a Bucket.

Because subscribers use Photobucket primarily as a means to publish content elsewhere, Welch has a unique window into how traffic is moving around the Web. With a peek into the logs, he weighs in on the "death of myspace debate" rather definitively: Myspace "traffic is going up and to the right. It hasn’t flattened at all." But at the same time, he’s seeing fractionalization. Specialty networks like the goth site are booming. And as Photobucket moves into the mainstream, its demographics are moving beyond the glitter set. Welch says users are starting to tend toward the 35/40 age range. "A lot of them have kids. Scrapbooking is huge. Two Peas in a Bucket is seeing a lot of traffic."

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