Bokeh Tutorial

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Bokeh? Bokeh refers to blurred areas of a photo where only a certain
portion of the image is in focus. It’s a very unique and beautiful effect
that’s fun to experiment with. The holidays are a great time to experiment with Bokeh with all the fun festive lights hung up.  Here are some tips on how to create a Bokeh

 Point-and-Shoot Cameras:

  • Make sure the room you are
    shooting is dark and not too bright to get a better effect.
  • Turn off your flash (the
    lightning bolt looking icon Flash-icon )
  • Select the Macro setting
    (the flower looking icon on your camera, see macro tutorial for more info.)
  • Stand a few feet away from
    some lights. (Any kind of Holiday lights work well)
  • Hold your finger out in
    front of your camera and hold the shutter button down halfway so your
    finger is in focus. (Remember not to press the shutter button all the way down)
  • Now your camera is focused on the object in front of
    you and the lights are blurred in the back. Take your finger away from the
    shot and press the shutter button all the way down.



IMG_1525 Bokeh

Hint: After your pull your finger out of the frame, mess around with the zoom on your camera to play around with the size of the Bokeh. The more you zoom in the larger the circles will be.


SLR Cameras:

  • Set your camera to AV mode.
  • Select the smallest possible aperture. (f) number should be
  • Place and object in the foreground and focus on that object
    so the background of lights is blurred out.
  • Press the shutter and voila you should see hexagonal shapes
    on the background.



If you really want to experiment, try using cutout shapes
and taping it to the lens of your camera. Test shapes, hearts, stars, anything
you want to see in blurred lights.

39 thoughts on “Bokeh Tutorial

  1. I just don’t understand the thing about to get different bokeh shapes like hearts and stuff like that. Should I really tape something on the lens?

  2. i love this type of thing.
    i myself love photography and im only the age of 13
    but im getting a new SLR camera soon and im looking foward to trying this one out.
    my friend also takes pictures and has a picture or rain drops on a window with the Bokeh effect of the lights in the background. It is awsome and i appriciate this.

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