Search in Group Albums Launches Today

Since we launched Group Albums in May of this year, over one-hundred thousand Groups have been created on Photobucket, ranging from weddings and family gatherings, to special interests, charities and rock bands.

Group Albums on Photobucket allow multiple users to upload their photos and videos to one shared photo and video album, with an administrator of the Group providing optional review and approval functions.

Today we are adding a bunch of new features in Group Albums.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features.

Search in Groups, Featured Albums, and Most Active Groups

Photobucket You can now search through all the public Groups, and see if there are groups that might interest you.

So search for things like "mullet" or "puppies" or whatever and see what you can find.


You can contribute your own photos and videos to any Group that’s set
as public.  The owner of the Group may have chosen to qualify your
submission before it’s visible to the world.

You can also click
to see which Group Albums we are featuring today, which are the most
active, the most recent, and those with the most individual