Brand new Shwayze tracks exclusively on Photobucket

We’re pretty excited. Shwayze has chosen Photobucket to provide his brand new songs "Polaroid" and "Corona and Lime" on Photobucket’s remix.  His new album Shwayze is in stores now. 

The music is exclusive to Photobucket, and is only available for a limited time.

So go ahead and build a remix today and add his music.

To get your creative juices going, here’s a remix we made to Shwayze’s Polaroid track:


3 thoughts on “Brand new Shwayze tracks exclusively on Photobucket

  1. i have an account with you, and i was trying to upload some pics
    i can not upload photos!!!!!
    this is !@#$%$#$%
    neither i can delete any photos that i posted!
    what is happening with your software it seems it doesnt work

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