Britney Spears album launches on Photobucket today!

Following on the heels of insanely popular 'fan band' group albums on Photobucket, today we're welcoming Britney Spears onto Photobucket with a brand new fan group album.

Britney will be celebrating her twenty-seventh birthday this
year with the release of her sixth studio album! Help celebrate the
December 2nd release of Circus by uploading all things Britney to her
group album on Photobucket

You can upload whatever you like to do with Britney — anything from your special photo with Brit to you dressed
up as Ms. Spears for Halloween to pretty much anything else you can
think of to gear up for Circus!

The group album also includes some pretty nice new pics of Britney, and a quick clip of her new video. She's looking good!

Britney Spears

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