‘Bucket Banter – Cameras making a comeback?

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As technology adapts, we are constantly thinking about ways in which Photobucket is an integral part of adapting and moving forward. This is our first post in an on-going series with discussions and thoughts by Photobucket's CEO, Tom Munro

By Tom Munro, CEO

As the saying goes, if you hold on to something long enough, it’ll eventually come back into style. And although consumer technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, I couldn’t help but think of that saying when I read a recent article about how small, pro-quality cameras are taking aim at smartphones.

Chances are, the last photo you took was on your smartphone – as was mirrored on our recent survey showing a slight dip in digital camera usage while mobile uploads continued to go like gangbusters. Clearly the smartphone’s ability to connect to the Web for easy posting and sharing make it a tough contender, but a new group of “premium point-and-shoots” are here to let us know that the digital camera is not going down without a fight. These portable – yet not super pricey – cameras come packed with features and in resolutions high enough to defy predictions of the death of the point-and-shoot, according to the piece.  

My take? More than ever, people are capturing, storing, editing and sharing (digital) memories, so I say the more options the better when it comes to allowing them to express their creativity through images. While smartphones remain an excellent way to capture and share photos immediately with friends and family around the world, these new digital cameras offer a level of quality that was once reserved for professionals. Now even novice photographers can further refine and perfect their images, which means we will have even more people embracing photography as a creative outlet.

What’s your take: Do you plan on buying one, or are you sticking with your smartphone?