Bulk Actions — Mobile & Web

Bulk Actions made easy on both the Photobucket mobile app and web so that you can quickly move and delete multiple photos at a time.

Perhaps you’ve turned on your auto backup so that you never lose a photo (If you haven’t what are you waiting for!? Don’t you know the earth is plotting to destroy your phone!) and have decided that you don’t want to keep all 50 versions of that egg salad photo you took on your lunch break (No judgement if you do). No problem! You can easily delete 49 photos in your egg salad series in just a few simple clicks and just keep one for when you want to reminisce about that perfect egg, mayo and mustard combination. For iOS simply: Tap on the Edit button and select the media you wish to move or delete. You’ll find those two options on the bottom of the screen. bulkmove2 For Android simply: When viewing an album, tap on the device menu button and select Move/Delete Photos. You can then select the media you wish to move or delete. You’ll find those two options on the bottom of the screen.


On the web simply:

  1. Open the album you wish to select photos in
  2. Slide the Organize option to On
  3. Hold Ctrl and click images to select individually (To select a group: Click the first image of your selection, scroll to the last image, hold shift and click that image, and all images in between will be selected)
  4. Select the bulk action at the bottom of the page that you wish to perform 

2013-05-01 13_13_59-gotpowers's Beautiful Places and Scenery album 2013-05-01 13_22_54-gotpowers's Beautiful Places and Scenery album   There you have it! You can safely store all of your photos with Photobucket, plus do everything you want to do with them in a few simple clicks.


  1. LaTerre
    May 1, 2015

    Thank your for this helpful information 🙂
    In my web photobucket the “Organize On/Off” button is missing since two or three weeks. I am not sure if this is same for all users or only for myself. If photobuclet deleted this function does anybody know if there is an alternative way to delete several pictures at the same time?
    Thank you…

    • Hannah
      May 1, 2015

      Hello there,

      We have updated our organize tools, so there is no longer an “on/off” option for organizing. You can simply hover over your images and select the photos you want with the check mark icon that appears. Please read this post that details the new feature: http://blog.photobucket.com/organize-your-photos/ Let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you.