Think you’ve got talent? Enter our GLEE contest for a chance to win a trip to the Teen Choice Awards!

A fun contest starts today on Photobucket. We're working with the people behind the terrific new show GLEE

The cast of GLEE are inviting you to show them your Gold Star potential talent.  The lucky winner receives a trip for two to the Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood, with a chance to walk the red carpet with the stars, and an invitation to the VIP after-party.

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Baby Breakout Star Contest on Photobucket

There's always something going on at Photobucket, and today it's the "Baby Breakout Star" contest, sponsored by Baby Einstein.

Update as of 6/2/2009: finalists have been chosen. You can see them here. There's all kinds of rather boring but necessary paperwork that needs to be done before the winner can be chosen. We'll announce as soon as that's done!

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Photo scavenger hunt on Photobucket

Do you have happy memories of scavenger hunts, where you had to find red ribbon, a q-tip, and a mystery paperback book (or whatever — you remember what we mean) — all in the space of a couple of hours? We do. We love scavenger hunts.

So we decided to try one on Photobucket, in collaboration with the folks who are bringing you the new movie Quarantine.

Go here:

You have to try to find images from the movie Quarantine. If you do, you can click on them and then enter a contest to win some cool prizes. Simple and fun.

Just the way we like it.

Check it out!


Calling All Football Fans to Photobucket — Contest Launches Today

We’re so glad it’s Football Season in the U.S. You can support your NFL team wherever you are in the world, by adding your photos to one of the Football Fan Albums. You can find them in the Group Albums area. Click here to see all the sports fan albums.

Great new contest starts today!

We love contests, because they are a chance for our Photobucket friends to win something really cool. This time, we are hosting a contest where the biggest football fan gets to go to the All Star Game in Hawaii in February.  How can you beat that?

Just upload a photo of yourself — your best tailgate party, outfit, face paint, whatever.  The biggest fan will get to win that amazing gift — a trip to Hawaii to watch football.


Got a video camera and a few friends? Get spoofing!

Check out some of the entries in the MTV Movie Spoof contest.  Have fun this weekend! Get your cameras out and spoof your favorite movie! You could end up on MTV.

To enter the contest, go here:

Take a look at this one. I know you can do just as well (if not better)!


Here are some important instructions, because this is a big time contest. Sigh.

1. You can only spoof the movies listed here.

2. Your movie spoof should be no longer than three minutes in length.

3. You have to use the music MTV has provided. Videos with any other music soundtrack will be automatically disqualified. Sorry. Click here to get the music. They’re giving you five tracks for free, or you can purchase more if you want.

4. Ready to roll? Click here to go to the contest.

To read more details about the contest
, go here: