Photobucket to Offer Metro Style Photo Application in Inaugural Windows Store

World Leader in Photo and Video Sharing Selected to be Part of Windows 8 Launch

Denver, CO. – Feb. 29, 2012Photobucket Corporation, the world’s leading dedicated photo and video sharing service, today announced that it is one of an exclusive group of companies hand-selected by Microsoft Corp. to be part of the launch of the new Windows Store for Windows 8 apps.

“Once installed, the Photobucket App and Windows 8’s Metro style user interface provide a powerful way to showcase Photobucket’s functionality combined with the key features of the Windows 8 operating system. As part of the launch of the Windows Store, Photobucket will be able to deliver access to a leading platform for saving, sharing, and socializing photos and videos to Windows 8,” said Tom Munro, CEO of Photobucket.

The Photobucket app was specifically designed for the touch-driven Windows Metro style user interface and includes the following features:

  • Category browsing and full search of the nearly 10 billion photos hosted on
  • Photobucket’s full album and photo management experience through a new user interface optimized for Metro style
  • Ability to capture and upload photos directly from Windows 8-based PCs
  • Integration with Windows 8 File Picker, giving consumers easy access to Photobucket images for general platform use
  • Social features, including commenting, liking, and sharing out

“With its extensive user base and rich feature set for managing photos and video, Photobucket was a natural choice for the Windows Store preview,” said Aidan Marcuss, senior director of Windows Core Marking and Ecosystem at Microsoft. “We are extremely pleased to have them as an app in the photos category.”

The new Photobucket App for Windows 8 is available to those who have downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, at no cost, in the Windows Store.

About Photobucket

Photobucket is the world’s leading dedicated photo and video sharing service. With over 100 million registered members, Photobucket users upload over four million images and videos per day from the Web and connected digital devices. Photobucket hosts, preserves and protects photos and videos while bringing members the very best browsing, sharing and editing experiences. In addition to uploading and sharing with friends and family on the Photobucket site, users can also instantly share memories across all of the most popular social networks, instant messenger applications, through email, and from their mobile phones. Photobucket’s headquarters are in Denver, Colorado with a regional office in San Francisco, California.

For the latest feature announcements and news, please visit the Photobucket press blog at

To create a free Photobucket account, users can visit, or find the Photobucket Mobile Application and Snapbucket app available in the app store on all major smartphone platforms. Photobucket supports Mobile Web, iPhone, Android based devices, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

Photobucket CEO Tom Munro Interview with Robert Scoble

Hey Photobucket fans,

Check out this great video of Robert Scoble (@scobleizer on Twitter), talking with our very own CEO of  Photobucket, Tom Munro (@tamunro on Twitter) about Photobucket!


Here's some highlights for you busy folks:

  • Photobucket hosts approximately nine billion photos & videos!
  • We serve over three, sometimes four bilion images across the web to about 2.5 million different web sites on a daily basis.
  • With that capacity and scalability, Photobucket was an obvious choice for Twitter's photo service.
  • Photobucket serves about 25 million photos from mobile alone every month.
  • During our July survey, with 2,500 respondents, half of you who responded said you take video on their mobile devices at least once a week, and our trends show even more than that.
  • Our new mobile app, Snapbucket allows you to keep your original photo, so you have permanence along with fun filters & effects.
  • We're planning on a new release of Snapbucket that will incorporate social aspects as well as video filters & effects.

Thanks to all of you who help make Photobucket great!

Photo Hack Day this Weekend!

Hey developers:

Photo hack day


Photobucket is the proud sponsor of the free-to-attend "Photo Hack Day" in NYC this weekend (Aug 20-21, 2011). We invite all you developers to build something awesome from our API, which is used millions of times a day by 3rd party applications!


Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • A live Photo chatroom – think or but using Photobucket photos!
  • Augmented reality/3D – put photos on real life walls (mobile app), or a 3D walkthrough gallery
  • Face detection – integrating
  • Photo editing – use aviary APIs to edit Photobucket photos
  • Photo sharing – use twilio API to send photos to friends
  • HTML5 Photo slideshows
  • Kinect-enabled photo browsing – create a futuristic photo browsing experience

The hack that best uses the Photobucket API wins a $100 Amazon gift card, and the best hack overall will be featured on their billboard in Times Square!!!!

Our very own Justin Hart (@onyxraven on Twitter) will be attending to provide support for developers using the Photobucket API. Justin will also be giving away free pro accounts to devs who use our API, so be sure to stop by and say hi! Get more details and register at

Come Meet Photobucket!

For anyone planning on being in
the Seattle area on March 8th, you might want to check out “140

The Twitter Conference”, where Dan Shapiro of
Photobucket will be dishing the scoop about social media strategy on
Twitter.  To purchase tickets, click
 and enter promo code "BUCKET" for a 25%
discount.  Hope to see you there!

Photobucket marks one year anniversary of open API platform

Leading Software Partners Developing Innovative Applications for Photo and Video Sharing Using Photobucket’s API Platform 

San Francisco, Calif. – March 31, 2009 – Today, Photobucket (,  the Web’s premier standalone photo and video-sharing site, celebrates the one-year anniversary of the opening of its API platform, a cornerstone of Photobucket’s commitment to working with developers to deliver new experiences both on and off the Web. Now, with these third-party applications, Photobucket enables users to share their personal media in more ways than ever before.

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Photobucket API opens new applications

Photobucket API powers NEW applications for self-expression
World’s Leading Web Site for Photos and Videos  Opens Up to Software Developers

Initial Developers Including Adobe, AOL, FotoFlexer, Intercasting, RockYou, Slide and Snapvine Create New Ways to Illustrate Users’ Lives

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 22, 2008 – Photobucket (, the world’s leading standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the broad release of the site’s application programming interface (API), which will empower Web developers around the world to build new applications based on Photobucket’s popular digital media sharing technology. The API and supporting materials will be available starting today from the new developer section on the Photobucket site (

The release of the Photobucket API enables developers to give users access to their photos and videos from places beyond, including other Web sites, Web applications, desktop applications, browser plug-ins, mobile phones, home-entertainment systems, digital photo frames and cameras.

“We are excited to invite a world of talented developers to extend our photo and video platform and tap into the tremendous creativity and passion of our users,” said Alex Welch, president, Photobucket. “Photobucket pioneered the ability for people to link and share photos and videos — whether on blogs, social networks or auction sites — and the broad release of our API makes it possible to create entirely new media experiences on the Web and on devices of all kinds.”

Developers can use the API to create applications that will enable users to:

•    Securely log into Photobucket accounts
•    Create, edit and access albums
•    Upload new content to their albums (photos, images and videos)
•    Share content from albums via email
•    Search through publicly available content on Photobucket
•    Access and update metadata (titles, descriptions, tags, etc.)

Photobucket offers creative possibilities for developers of every kind – whether for personal or commercial pursuits. For anyone looking to get started immediately, Photobucket provides a non-commercial API option with open registration. For developers with an approved business plan for their application, Photobucket offers a commercial API opportunity with unlimited traffic and bandwidth. Developers can register for either option at the Photobucket developer site launched today.   

Initial developers, including Adobe, AOL, FotoFlexer, Intercasting, RockYou, Slide and Snapvine, will join Photobucket at its booth this week at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco to demonstrate a wide variety of applications they have created using Photobucket’s API.

Many more applications are featured in an Application Gallery launched today on the Photobucket Web site, including offerings from Blurb, Eye-Fi, Flektor and TiVo Inc. In addition to being a showcase for developers’ products, the Application Gallery makes it easy for Photobucket users to find and download applications and discover devices that support the API. Users can bookmark and share their favorite applications on their Photobucket profile, allowing other Photobucket users to try them out as well. To view the Photobucket Application Gallery, visit:

For downloads and additional information, visit:

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