Introducing Facebook Connect

Now you can login and sign up for a Photobucket account using your Facebook login credentials. In a few simple steps you can easily start sharing your Photobucket albums on Facebook, commenting on your favorite photos and more.


Easily log in in a few simple steps:


If you don't already have a Photobucket account, you can easily set one up with your Facebook credentials and start sharing your favorite albums and photos .  Learn more here!

New Album Options

Thanks to all your great feedback in our User Forum, we made some changes to the album set-up. Now you can easily make your albums private or public with a few simple clicks. Some new changes:

New Album Settings: When you set up a new album, you can now select whether you want it  to be public or private. If you choose private, you can set up a unique password for that album to share with friends and family. 


New Icon of Album Edits: You can now click the lock icon at the top of the album to edit your existing albums' privacy settings, as well as the album name.




For more information about  album privacy, head over to our help section.

New Webcam Feature

Ever in the mood to just have a mini photo shoot with your webcam? Now you can capture pictures with your webcam and directly upload them to your Photobucket account. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Log into your Photobucket account.
  2. Select the From Webcam option from the More Upload Tools drop-down at the top right of the Upload panel.


If you have a webcam attached to your computer, it is automatically detected. If not, connect your webcam, and click Try Again.

  1. Click Allow to give Photobucket permission to use the webcam.


     4.  Click Capture to take a photo with your webcam.



    5.  Select an album and click Upload to upload your photo, or click Try Again to take a new picture.   Easily share all your new photos with friends and show off your best modeling poses!

New Features: Orangize Your Photos

are thrilled with all the feedback and suggestions our users have been
providing in our feedback forum,
and as a result, have made a few changes to the Organizer. Organizing your albums
and media is now easier and takes less time! 

off the presses, and new to the Organizer:

  • The full list of all your albums is on the left side of
    the Organizer, so it's simple to drag-and-drop your media from one album
    to another. 
  • You can now move entire albums! Say, for example, you
    have multiple albums from 2010: a few birthday party events and a few
    random shots. Now you can create a 2010 album and move all those other
    albums into the main 2010 album. Easy!
  • You can delete entire albums WITHOUT individually
    deleting files in the Organizer or on the All Albums page. Did you break
    up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem. Delete an album with one
    click of a button and never look back!

You can see all these changes when you log in and click the
"Organize" link at the top of your album. Have fun!

New Faster Uploading

We are really excited to announce our new faster uploading process! Starting today when you upload multiple files they will simultaneously upload at the same time making the upload process faster than ever! Upload 20, 50, or 100 photos and watch the status bar monitor the process.


Uploading to existing albums also got easier on the new uploader. Look for the drop-down menu at the top of the uploader to find the album you want to upload to or create a new album.


Learn more or log in to try it out! Let us know what you think!

New Color Splash Effect

Try our new Color Splash effect!  Transforming your photos with the Color
Splash effect just got easier with our brand new effect in the Image Editor.
Color Splash allows you to keep certain areas of your photo in color while the
rest is black-and-white. Here’s how it works:


Click the “Edit” link on the photo you want to
edit. This opens the Image Editor.


Click the “Effects” Tab, and select the first
option: “Color Splash”. Your photo turns black-and-white.


Drag the brush (black dot) over areas you want
in color. You can select the brush size to apply the effect to both small and
large areas.


Click “Save a copy” when you are satisfied with
all the areas to create your new Color Splash photo!


Share your fun Color Splash photos
in our Color Splash group album, or check out our Color Splash category!

New iPad App

Our new sleek iPad App is here! We are excited to bring iPad users an app that brings all the best Photobucket features to one place. The iPad's 9.7 inch high resolution screen will bring your photos to  life and be a constant source of entertainment. Some highlights of the app:

  • Upload photos directly to your account.
  • View full-size slideshows of your images.
  • Download images directly to your iPad so you always have a cool and unique background.
  • Search Photobucket's huge media library
  • Browse and discover amazing photos in one of our 27 Find Stuff categories. 
  • Create, edit titles, and organize all your photos.

Learn more and download it now!


New One-Click Sharing

Photobucket allows you to set up
persistent connections to your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts, if you
choose. When you set up a persistent connection, you do not have to re-enter
your login information for that website every time you want to share media or
an album to that site. Additionally, you can share images and videos
automatically upon upload, with a click of your mouse.  

Log into your Photobucket account.
Click New! Auto-share your
in the Upload panel.
Click Connect beside each
service you want to connect to, then enter the required info and allow the
service to connect.

4.       Click Done to close the Set
up box. The Upload panel now shows an Auto-share checkbox and icons for the
services you are connected to.
Click the Auto-share checkbox
on the Upload panel, then click Upload images & videos.

Choose and upload your media. All
the media you upload is automatically shared to the services you connected.

For more information:

Help topics for enabling & disabling the connections:  


Send Photos to Your Phone

Our new Send to Phone option allows you to send your
favorite photos from your album or cool images you find on Photobucket directly
to your phone. Send photos to your phone to make them your wallpaper, forward them
to your friends or make them a contact ID photo. Look for the “Send to Phone”
link and blue phone icon on any image to get started. For more information and
instructions see our tutorial.

 Send to phone blog post Send to phone for blog2