Great new categories in photography this week in Find Stuff

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We like the new categories that were added to the photography section on Find Stuff on Photobucket. Shadows, Rain, Nature and more. Some fabulous stuff to step through. Check it out.

Who knew? Pop Tarts are such fun

Photobucket users and their Pop Tarts. Check them out.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone on Photobucket

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To see more fun St P's day images, go here:

Lady Gaga comes to Photobucket

All the coolest artists are coming to Photobucket. Last week, we hosted My Chemical Romance's official fan group album. That group album got more uploads in the first day than any we've ever launched! (More even than the Obama Inauguration group albums!)

How many quotes and sayings could there be?

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On Photobucket, millions. There are new ones every day. Check out our Quotes and Sayings Group Album. We read them every day! Keep them coming!

My Chemical Romance comes to Photobucket

My Chemical Romance just launched their official Group Album on Photobucket. Upload your fan photos, your concert photos, you in your best MCR t-shirt. They'll be watching the album!

Blur edges — another cool new feature on Photobucket’s image editor

Here are some other cool effects on Photobucket's image editor. Click on Edit Image next to any image in your album and have fun with all the special effects. There are lots of glittery new tricks available.

How to make glitter text on Photobucket’s image editor

Sometimes we miss cool improvements on even our most popular features — I just found a really nice glitter text editor in our Image Editor (powered by FotoFlexer) on Photobucket.

Why do we love these cute, fuzzy animals so?

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I don't know. We just do. And there's a whole boatload of them on Photobucket's Find Stuff.

Taylor Swift joins Photobucket fans in a group photo and video album

Another amazing music artist has selected Photobucket as the home of their own photo and video group album. Taylor Swift!

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