Hilarious Epic Pranks

Every day should be April Fool’s Day… isn’t laughter a priceless gift? We think so. And to make sure you stay happy and laughing, we’ve collected some awesome, and mostly harmless, pranks, fit for novices and experts alike.

But before we get down to business, let’s have a laugh at these hilarious epic prank GIFs, showcasing some brave and heartless jokesters. We will not be attempting any of these, however, and suggest that you just laugh from a distance as well.

Epic Pranks

Window shopping used to be fun.

Epic Pranks

My, what strength you have!

Epic Pranks

Headless people get late night munchies too…

Epic Pranks

Mentos, “the freshmaker”!

Epic Pranks

What’s in the suitcase!? (Actually, nothing.)

Epic Pranks

Slightly dramatic reaction to the ‘screamer’ video.

Haven’t seen the screamer video? Watch at your own risk. But make sure there aren’t any lamps or printers nearby.

And now for our list of easy, yet tear-jerkingly funny, pranks you can pull on family, friends and strangers.

Look out below! Loosen the bottom of a box of cereal until it’s about to rip and fill it with whatever you would like to dump onto your victim’s head when they pull it out of the cabinet.

Holey water. Make sure bottle of water is full and that the cap is on tight. Poke tiny holes with a pin in the bottom. The pressure will keep most of the water from coming out. When your victim goes to take a sip, they will enjoy a steady stream to their shirt and chin.

A glitch in the system? Plug a wireless mouse into your victim’s computer and sit close by – point, click and wiggle your way to hysteria.

It’s my last one, I swear. Dip the mouth-end of your victim’s ciggarette in tooth numbing gel. They will be so freaked out, they’ll be smoke-free in no time.

Do you cry over spilled milk? …How bout spilled beer? Place your hand palm down on the table. Balance a beer on the back of your hand and challenge your victim to balance a beer on both of their hands (you’ll have to help them with the placement of the beers). Then walk away – they will have to spill a beer to regain control of their limbs!

Caught ya! Liberally add food coloring to the handsoap in the bathroom. Red works best. If the victim has good hygine.. they’ll be caught red handed. And if they don’t… keep your distance!

I swear officer— it’s really me! Print out a small picture of an animal and glue it over the photo on your victim’s ID. Next time they get carded, they may get a double take!

All wadded up. Take a needle and thread and and run it once through each pair of underwear in your victim’s drawer. When they go to get dressed they will be tangled and confused. Don’t worry, you can undo the mess with a snip of the thread.

Sweet Tooth. Empty a bottle of toothpaste and fill it back up with frosting using a bag and tip. Make sure to have real tooth paste close by so your victim doesn’t get a cavitiy!

Remember…these pranks are meant to be harmless. So don’t take cheap shots…get creative! Cuz’ you know what they say — Karma’s a b…eautiful lady!

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Best NFL Moments – Funny Football Gifs

Superbowl 2014 is right around the corner and we are on the edge of our seats. Who will win it…the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks? As the excitement builds, we take this opportunity to relax and relieve our anxiety with a look back at some of the most funny, cringe-worthy, but always entertaining, football moments of the season.

Tom Brady’s High Five Fail

High Five Fail

At least he has a supermodel wife to console him.

The Full Moon

Full Moon

Should belts be a uniform requirement?

Peyton Manning Magic

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is an unstoppable force!

Jim Harbaugh Killing it on the Sideline Drums

Harbaugh Drums

His aggression translates well in his music.

Seattle Seahawks Skittles Toss

Seahawk Skittles

Marshawn Lynch lands a pretty sweet deal.

Don’t Mess with the Mile High Magic


Seriously, bro? Not cool.

Fairley v.s. Suh 

Epic Fail

The ultimate chest bump.

Impromptu Piggyback

Impromptu Piggyback Ride

Game day is no time for horse-play.

Phillip Rivers Pouts

Phillip Rivers

Not everyone has mastered gracefully losing.

The Seahawks Big Belly Dance

Seahawks Belly Dance

These moves took them all the way to the championship.

Omaha Voodoo

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning magic puts a spell on us all.

Swift Snap to the Face

Dolphins Distraction

Dolphins Distraction

Tom Brady Can’t Catch a Break

High Five Fail

Persistence is key.

Ahhh, feeling better. Time to dust off your best game day recipes, throw on your lucky jersey and cheer till your ear drums pop. The Superbowl is among us!

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