“Spread the love” Jakob Johnson and The Record Life on Photobucket

Check out the new fan photo and video album on Photobucket for Jakob (Jake) Johnson and The Record Life. Upload photos, videos, messages to Jake. Whatever you like, if you love The Record Life.

Baby Breakout Star Contest on Photobucket

Posted by on Mar 26, 2009 in Contests, Group Photo & Video Albums | 3 Comments

There's always something going on at Photobucket, and today it's the "Baby Breakout Star" contest, sponsored by Baby Einstein. Update as of 6/2/2009: finalists have been chosen. You can see them here. There's all kinds of rather boring but necessary paperwork that needs to be done before the winner can be chosen. We'll announce as […]

Lady Gaga comes to Photobucket

All the coolest artists are coming to Photobucket. Last week, we hosted My Chemical Romance's official fan group album. That group album got more uploads in the first day than any we've ever launched! (More even than the Obama Inauguration group albums!)

Taylor Swift joins Photobucket fans in a group photo and video album

Another amazing music artist has selected Photobucket as the home of their own photo and video group album. Taylor Swift!

Fab backgrounds in the “backgrounds” group album — we love them

We love all the backgrounds people have uploaded to the Backgrounds group album on Photobucket. Use them in your profiles, or on your desktop. Some of them make awesome desktop backgrounds. Pick a new one every day!

Beautiful new additions to our “Art” Group Album

Check out the art group album. We're really loving looking at the new additions there every day. Thanks for uploading your great work!

Calling all “Never Shout Never” and Christofer Drew fans on Photobucket!

How cute is that Christofer Drew? See on Photobucket. Join the fans in the special, official Never Shout Never group album: http://photobucket.com/nsnfans. Hundreds of new photos are up there of fans just like you! Join us! 

Seal celebrates Valentine’s Day on Photobucket

Seal, the oh-so-romantic Grammy award winner, would like you to upload your romantic Valentine's Day photos to his group album on Photobucket.

Photobucket honors Black History Month and 50th anniversary of Motown!

Photobucket has teamed up with Motown Records to celebrate Black History Month, with a special category in Find Stuff on Photobucket and a Motown 50 Group Album. Motown50 Group Album Go to http://photobucket.com/motown50 and upload all the things you love about Motown. Black History Month Channel Go to http://photobucket.com/images/black%20history/. Check out some of the cool […]

Akon – so beautiful – visits us on Photobucket

Akon wants your beautiful photos uploaded to Photobucket. See our Akon Fans group album, and watch his "shout out" for Photobucket.

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