Peoples’ Group Album for the Inauguration is our most popular Group Album ever!

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We're thrilled at the response to our Peoples' Group Album for the Obama Inauguration. As you saw earlier, Photobucket was selected as the online destination for the Obama Official Inaugural Book. This book will be unlike any previous Inaugural Books. It will include your photos.

Upload your photos to the official 2009 Inaugural Book Project

Photobucket has been selected as the online photo destination for the Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Inaugural Book.* We are incredibly honored and proud to be part of this moment in history. 

See terrific images in our “Best of 2008” group album

We launched Group Albums on Photobucket in 2008. They've been incredibly popular. With a Group Album many people can collaborate by uploading photos and videos into one place. The album can be public, or private, making it great for all kinds of groups.

What did you think of Twilight? Let your voice be heard!

We're seeing some heated discussion with our new Comments feature on Photobucket.

You’re Awful, We Love You Ludo! Especially in our kitchen!

Another fantastic day at Photobucket. The wonderful LUDO came to do a concert in our kitchen. Check out all the videos at

Britney Spears album launches on Photobucket today!

Following on the heels of insanely popular 'fan band' group albums on Photobucket, today we're welcoming Britney Spears onto Photobucket with a brand new fan group album.

FTSK came to Photobucket’s offices! Check out the videos.

Sometimes (well often actually) we have a great day at the office at Photobucket. Especially when we get FTSK to come and perform a "Concert in the Kitchen" here at our San Francisco office.

Photobucket Album Themes — Hundreds to Choose From!

So there’s a virtually unlimited selection of Album Themes on Photobucket. We’re giving you literally hundreds of themes to choose from. Plus, you can build your own theme too if you want to. Click "Continue Reading" to see more ideas.  

Jonas Brothers, Pink, Tokio Hotel, Pussycat Dolls and Metallica Themes on Photobucket

Along with hundreds of pre-built photo and video album themes in all kinds of categories, we are also launching some band themes today.  If you like them, let us know — and tell us which bands you'd like to see.

Photo and Video Album Themes Launch Today on Photobucket

We’re pretty sure we’ve enjoyed getting this feature ready more than anything we’ve done at Photobucket all year. Heck, maybe ever! Album themes What’s a theme? It’s a ‘skin’ that you can apply to your entire personal Photobucket album — and it customizes the background, colors and borders around your photos and videos. Try out […]

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