Graduating? Celebrate on Photobucket!

Graduating this Year?We want to see your graduation photos and videos! Let’s all celebrate together in the Graduation 2008 Group Album. Click here to go to the Graduation group album. You just need to log into your Photobucket account, and you can upload your pic or video to this group album.

Try out Group Albums on Photobucket Today

Try out Group Albums on Photobucket today.We’re pretty excited about this new feature we’re launching today: Group Albums. We’ve all seen this: multiple people at an event. Lots of cameras. You never get to see all the videos and photos everyone takes. How do you get together and share in one place?For groups, teams, parties, graduations, weddings — anytime people get together — get the person in charge (there’s always at least one!) to set up a Group Album on Photobucket.

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