Jack-O-Lanterns Photography Tips


Share your creative and spooky Jack-O-Lanterns by taking
memorable and fun photos. Here are a few tips on how to take photos of your Jack-O-Lantern

  1. Use a tripod, or place your camera on something
    that’s sturdy, like a table.
    Place your pumpkin in front of a plain
    background or outside with a cool backdrop of plants or vines. Avoid putting it
    in front of a congested area as the design won’t capture as well.
    Light your pumpkin with at least 2-3 candles
    inside. The more candles you use, the more the pumpkin will glow. 

  4. Turn off your flash to maintain the spooky glow
    of your pumpkin and keep your photo from getting washed out.

  5. Use a manual setting or the TV mode to slow down
    the shutter speed if you are using an SLR camera.  Try a shutter speed of 0.8-2.5

Take a few shots and experiment! Show off your
Jack-O-Lanterns in our group album