New Android App

We have made some new improvements to our new Android app that allows you to:

  • Autoupload: Allows you to automatically upload photos from your camera to your Photobucket account. 
  • Download images so you can easily create a new wallpaper for your phone or send cool photos to friends.
  • Easily manage your albums and photos by creating or deleting them on the go. 
  • While your discovering new and cool photos on your phone, you can save them to your personal album.
  • Browse Photobucket Find Stuff categories and discover amazing photos.

Learn more on how to to download the app! 


New Photobucket iPhone App!

You've asked and we've been listening! Our new iPhone app is redesigned and loaded with fun and easy features!

Use this app to capture all
your special moments and upload directly to your Photobucket albums. Upload existing
media from your local camera roll or new shots (and videos on 3Gs) straight
from your camera. Looking for a quick "media-snack" during moments of
downtime? Check out our Find Stuff categories or search our billions of photos.
Easily download images to your device for use as wallpapers, contact ids and
more. Share with others via email or grab image URL links to post on your blog
or favorite social network. Manage your Photobucket albums and showoff your
collection in full screen.

 Highlights include:

* Completely redesigned user

* Search Photobucket's huge
media repository, complete with search history.

* Browse Find Stuff
categories and search results.

* Orientation-aware full-view
images with pinch and zoom support.

* Easy access to image URLs.

* Media upload queue
supporting in-app 'background' uploads.

* Album management: new
navigation views, create, delete.

* Media management: download,
share, move, delete, copy to my album, title and description editing.

Tips and Tricks:

* Navigate Find Stuff
categories by swiping left and right over the category images.

* Pause the upload queue and
resume when your signal improves, or your airplane lands.

* Delete entries in the
upload queue by swiping from left to right over the entry.

* Toggle settings to improve
app performance based on your connection.

* Use the app reset function
in iPhone Settings to clear cache and restore to fresh-install state.

* Logout via the in-app
settings tab.

Learn more here!


We are excited to have you
try out the new app and look forward to your feedback and additional feature


Send Photos to Your Phone

Our new Send to Phone option allows you to send your
favorite photos from your album or cool images you find on Photobucket directly
to your phone. Send photos to your phone to make them your wallpaper, forward them
to your friends or make them a contact ID photo. Look for the “Send to Phone”
link and blue phone icon on any image to get started. For more information and
instructions see our tutorial.

 Send to phone blog post Send to phone for blog2

Photobucket introduces native photo upload solution for Palm Pre

Native Integration Enables Easy, One Click Uploads to

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – June 8, 2009 – Photobucket (, the Web’s premier standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the availability of a native photo upload solution for the new Palm® Pre™ phone.  As a pre-installed photo upload partner, Photobucket lets Palm Pre users easily send photos taken on their mobile device to a Photobucket album without having to download an application.  Users just take a picture and tap on the Photobucket entry to send the picture to their Photobucket account.(1)

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Photobucket introduces mobile photo application for Ovi store by Nokia

Free Mobile Photo Application Available Worldwide

San Francisco, Calif. – June 1, 2009 —Photobucket (, the Web’s premier standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the availability of a free Nokia-compatible Photobucket mobile photo application inside Ovi Store by Nokia.  This mobile application grants Nokia customers worldwide easy access to images on Photobucket as well access to personal Photobucket albums. It is now available for download from Ovi Store at

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And the mobile news keeps coming …

With more news about mobile coming out today, your Photobucket has the most comprehensive mobile offering of any photo and video sharing site. Your Photobucket works with more US carriers and mobile phone manufacturers than any other dedicated photo and video sharing site, and we're the only site with zero-click, one-click and on-deck upload for mobile phones.

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Photobucket launches mobile application with Danger

Advanced Options Provide A Richer Photobucket Experience

San Francisco, Calif. — March 19, 2009 — Photobucket (, the Web’s premiere standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the availability of a mobile Photobucket application exclusively for the T-Mobile Sidekick. Built in conjunction with Danger, Inc. a Microsoft subsidiary and software services provider for the mobile device, this feature-rich application enables users to access and interact with Photobucket media directly from anywhere. 

The new application provides users with the richest mobile experience to date.  Users upload photos and videos from their handset directly to their Photobucket album. From here, there are a number of options, including adding and editing titles, descriptions and tags, as well as rotating and resizing images. Additionally, users can:

  • Create a Photobucket account 
  • Log into Photobucket to access their albums  
  • Browse and search images and videos on Photobucket
  • Browse other users’ albums 
  • Share images

 “Photobucket is thrilled to team up with Danger to bring subscribers the most comprehensive mobile application for Photobucket to date,” said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket.  “Photobucket is always seeking out ways to make photo sharing easier and more convenient and this collaboration enables our users to share and manage their photos easily while on the go.”

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Great news for T-Mobile Sidekick fans on Photobucket!

Photobucket Are you lucky enough to have a T-Mobile Sidekick? Great news today!

Photobucket is launching a brand new mobile application that lets you:

  • Log into your Photobucket album
  • Upload photos and videos that you've taken directly to your Photobucket album
  • Share your photos and videos with everyone you know
  • Add titles, tags, descriptions to photos and videos on Photobucket
  • Browse and search billions of fun photos and videos on Photobucket
  • Browse your friends' albums on Photobucket

To learn more about the app, along with instructions on how to download, go to

The application can be found on your T-Mobile Sidekick's Download Catalog.

This Photobucket application is available on the T-Mobile Sidekick LX, T-Mobile Sidekick Slide, and T-Mobile Sidekick.

The application will cost $1.99 to download, and will cost $1.99/month thereafter.

Photobucket introduces instant photo uploader for T-Mobile phones

T-Mobile Customers Can Now Send Mobile Photos to Multiple Destinations Including Photobucket, Home PC and Email

San Francisco, Calif. — March 18, 2009 — Photobucket (, the Web’s premiere standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the availability of an innovative mobile photo service exclusively for T-Mobile that enables users to send photos directly from mobile handsets to several destinations: a Photobucket album, a PC hard drive, or any an email address. 

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Photobucket announces new, expanded photo and video-sharing features

Web’s Top Photo-Sharing Site Also Debuts New Mobile WAP Site

San Francisco, Calif. – MARCH 11, 2009 – Photobucket (, the Web’s premier stand-alone photo and video-sharing Web site, today launched a new, innovative set of features that expands the way users share photos and videos across multiple Web sites. By partnering with Gigya, whose technology has become the standard for connecting content with the social web, and leveraging its own open API platform, Photobucket now enables its more than 48 million unique monthly users worldwide* to utilize a simple point-and-click “share” interface to publish their photos and videos across more Web sites than any other stand-alone photo and video-sharing site.

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