Photobucket’s Mobile Photo Editing App, Snapbucket is Here!

Photobucket is pleased to announce the release of our latest smartphone app, Snapbucket! This cool new app gives you all sorts of cool features, including a wide variety of filters, vignettes, sets and frames! How does it work? Well, we're glad you asked – it's really easy: Snap, Style & Share!

Snap a photo with your smartphone.
Style it your way with multiple filters!
Share it with friends using Facebook or Twitter.

But that's not all! You can even create your own filter sets and save them, and the more you snap, the more effects you unlock!

Check out these cool features that Snapbucket gives you:

  • Choose from filters, effects, vignettes and frames to style your photos your way.
  • Create YOUR OWN unique filter sets and brag about them to friends.
  • Show off your stylin' skills by sharing with friends to Photobucket, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Unlock new effects the more you use Snapbucket, and get filters that'll make your friends green with envy.
  • You'll always keep your original photo, so don't worry, go crazy with styling!

Check out our tutorial video below or find more information at the official Snapbucket page! Keep on snapping and remember: Photobucket for Life!


New Editing Tools on Photobucket

Attention Photobucket fans – we have some awesome new tools for you to edit and transform your photos!

Login to your account and click "edit" on the photo you want to edit, then go to the new "retro" tab. This new editor allows you to change your photos with cool effects like:

  • Cross-process. This editor adds a nice vintage look to your photo by adding blues and hints of yellow, giving it a whole new look:


  • Retro. Round the corners of your photos and add a subtle layer of pink and orange hues, giving your photo a retro 70s feel:


  • Lomo. Brighten the saturation of your photo, "popping" the color while giving it a vignette border:



You can mix and match effects too. Here's the same photo with both color splash and cross process effect:



After you've changed your photo around, you can play with multiple images, creating a cool mashup of your favorites with the "add more photos from your album" feature:



Be sure to check out our new "patchwork" and "heartify" effects on the "Decorate" tab as well to add cool effects to separate photos! Here's a sample of the "patchwork" effect in action:


Create a Graduation Collage

Create a fun collage with all your memorable graduation photos! Here are a few simple steps to create one:

1. Navigate to the album that you want to use to create a collage. Click on the "Edit Images" link at the top.


2. Click "Create a Collage" on the dialog box that appears.The Collage Creator launches.

3. Select the layout that you want.


4. Click "Load Photo" to select the photo you want programmed in that spot. Repeat as necessary.

5. Click "Customize" at the top of the Collage Creator after you fill all the spots.The Image Editor appears.


6. Add a border, add text, add stickers, etc. all to your collage. 


7. Click "Save a copy" to save your collage.

Voila! You now have a great keepsake for all your fun graduation photos!


Create Mother’s Day Greetings

Your momma is so….WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL! Show Mom you love her with a unique greeting on your favorite picture. It's simple to create a personalized and memorable photo card that Mom will always remember. Here are a few tips:

1. Click the "Edit" button above the photo you want to edit:


You are now in the Image Editor.
2.  Click on the "Decorate" Tab, then click "Borders". Select a border that you'd like to add to your photo. You can adjust the width of the border, color, etc. at the top of this page so be on the lookout for those options. The photo below uses the "Daises" border.


3. Add a special message! On the "Decorate" Tab, click on the "Text" box. Enter a message and select a font, font color, and size. 

4. Add some stickers! On the "Decorate" tab, click on the "stickers" button. Browse through dozens of stickers and select any that you like.


5. After you are satisfied with all your edits, click "Save a Copy" of your photo and you have yourself a lovely  unique Mother's Day greeting!

Complete Log in your account and start editing! Not sure what to say? Head over to our Mother's Day category and find a greeting that fits your personality!

New Color Splash Effect

Try our new Color Splash effect!  Transforming your photos with the Color
Splash effect just got easier with our brand new effect in the Image Editor.
Color Splash allows you to keep certain areas of your photo in color while the
rest is black-and-white. Here’s how it works:


Click the “Edit” link on the photo you want to
edit. This opens the Image Editor.


Click the “Effects” Tab, and select the first
option: “Color Splash”. Your photo turns black-and-white.


Drag the brush (black dot) over areas you want
in color. You can select the brush size to apply the effect to both small and
large areas.


Click “Save a copy” when you are satisfied with
all the areas to create your new Color Splash photo!


Share your fun Color Splash photos
in our Color Splash group album, or check out our Color Splash category!

Adding Borders to Your Photos

Add a professional touch to your photos with the "Borders" feature in the image editor.  Choose from a handful of fun styles to make your photos stand out and give it an authentic feel. Here are some simple steps on how to add borders to your photos:

1. Click the "edit" button above your photo.


2. Click the "Decorate" tab and select "Borders". A menu with border options will appear. Play around with each border to see which is the best fit for your photo. The photo below has the "Vignette/Matte" border applied because it has so much extra space around the edges.


3. Voila! You have yourself a great professional looking photo!



Create Valentine’s Day Greetings

Show your main squeeze you care by creating your own unique Valentine's Day greeting on Photobucket. Here are a few tips on how to create a fun and flirty Valentine:

1. Log into  your account.

2. Choose the photo you want to edit, and click the "edit" link above the photo to display the Image Editor.


3. Now that you are in the Image Editor:

Click the "Decorate" tab at the top, then click "Stickers" (the first box). You'll see hearts, kisses, fun icons and more. Select the ones you want and click "add sticker".

Valentine's day2
4. Click on the "Text" box (next to the "Stickers" box) if you want to add text.

5. Click "save a copy" when you are satisfied with your new Valentine greeting. (We recommend saving it this way so that you keep your original photo as it was.)

Create as many greetings as you would like, it's free!