Tips for No Stress Photo and Video Organizing!

Posted by on Oct 23, 2008 in Photo & Video Uploading | One Comment

We launched our new Organizer on Photobucket a couple of weeks ago.  It came out at the same time as our fabulous new Themes feature. So we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the Organizer!  Getting Organized without Stressing! To celebrate the Organizer, we put together these tips for started to get your photo […]

Photobucket Album Themes — Hundreds to Choose From!

So there’s a virtually unlimited selection of Album Themes on Photobucket. We’re giving you literally hundreds of themes to choose from. Plus, you can build your own theme too if you want to. Click "Continue Reading" to see more ideas.  

Brand new “organizer” for your photo and video albums

Our brand new album organizer has to have been the number one requested feature from our most active Photobucket users.  So now it’s here.  So for all you Photobucket users with thousands of photos and videos in your albums, and a bit of a muddle going on with how they are categorized, this one’s for […]

Photo and Video Album Themes Launch Today on Photobucket

We’re pretty sure we’ve enjoyed getting this feature ready more than anything we’ve done at Photobucket all year. Heck, maybe ever! Album themes What’s a theme? It’s a ‘skin’ that you can apply to your entire personal Photobucket album — and it customizes the background, colors and borders around your photos and videos. Try out […]

Vanity URLs for your Albums

Vanity URLs for Your Group Album and Personal Album You probably already know this, but you can also make a "vanity URL" for your Group Album. So when you’re inviting your friends, family or fans to your Group Album, you can hand out an easy-to-remember  URL. This is not a new feature today — we […]

New today: upgraded combined photo and video uploader on Photobucket

New today: upgraded combined photo and video uploader on Photobucket. This upgrade radically simplifies uploading to Photobucket. It allows you to upload both photos and videos at the same time, and presents options for choosing and selecting media from different locations.

Improvements to Albums and Subalbums

Today we launched some improvements to the ways that Photobucket handles albums and subalbums. Improvements include: Ability to set sub-albums "public" and "private" selectively More room to display album names in the left sidebar "Expand" and "collapse" feature to display more, or less, subalbum names for lists longer than 25 albums Edit Album and Sub-Album […]

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