Tips for No Stress Photo and Video Organizing!

We launched our new Organizer on Photobucket a couple of weeks ago.  It came out at the same time as our fabulous new Themes feature. So we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the Organizer! 

Getting Organized without Stressing!

To celebrate the Organizer, we put together these tips for started to get your photo and video collection organized. Everyone is different. Choose a method that works for your style, build a routine, and get going.  Procrastination only makes it worse, and as Henry James said “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

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Brand new “organizer” for your photo and video albums

Our brand new album organizer has to have been the number one requested feature from our most active Photobucket users.  So now it’s here

So for all you Photobucket users with thousands of photos and videos in your albums, and a bit of a muddle going on with how they are categorized, this one’s for you.

Simply click in the top right corner of your album on the "organize" link:

organize menu

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Photo and Video Album Themes Launch Today on Photobucket

We’re pretty sure we’ve enjoyed getting this feature ready more than anything we’ve done at Photobucket all year. Heck, maybe ever!

Album themes

What’s a theme? It’s a ‘skin’ that you can apply to your entire personal Photobucket album — and it customizes the background, colors and borders around your photos and videos.

Try out themes today

To try out themes, go to:

themes menu Or, click "album themes" up at the top of your album. That will take you to the themes selection page.

We are shipping with close to 500 different themes for you to try out. Not enough? Then you can make your own. And if you think it’s cool, submit it to be shared with other Photobucket users.

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Vanity URLs for your Albums

Vanity URLs for Your Group Album and Personal Album

You probably already know this, but you can also make a "vanity URL"
for your Group Album. So when you’re inviting your friends, family or
fans to your Group Album, you can hand out an easy-to-remember  URL.

This is not a new feature today — we shipped this with Group Albums in May. We just want to remind you it’s there!
vanity urls

This works for your personal Photobucket album too. There’s a link in the upper left corner of your album to set your own URL:


New today: upgraded combined photo and video uploader on Photobucket

Thanks to all your feedback, we’re upgrading the way you upload photos and videos to Photobucket today.

This upgrade radically simplifies uploading to Photobucket.  It allows you to upload both photos and videos at the same time, and presents options for choosing and selecting media from different locations.

Here’s a quick summary of the improvements:

  • You can upload photos and videos at the same time in the same upload session
  • You can shift- or ctrl- select multiple files and upload them all at once
  • You can upload up to 50 photos and/or videos at once
  • You can upload photos from your mobile phone directly into your album
  • You can upload photos or videos by emailing them to a unique email address associated with your album.

Naturally, we’re keeping the "old" way of uploading, because we know that some people just like it that way or are ‘change averse’!

The size and limits of photos and videos that you can upload does not change.

  • Free users can upload up to 1GB of files (images/videos) to their account (up to around 10,000 files).
  • Pro users can upload up to 5GB of files (images/videos) to their account (up to around 50,000 files).

Photobucket free users can upload images and have them appear automatically in the following sizes:

  • tiny (100×75)
  • small (160×120)
  • medium (320×480)
  • large (640×480)
  • 15" screen (800×600)
  • 17" screen (1024×768)
  • original size, with a 1MB file size limit
  • videos maximum of 5 min length and 100MB size

Photobucket Pro users can upload images in all the sizes above, and in addition:

  • 19" screen (1280×960)
  • 21" screen (1600×1200)
  • 22" screen (2048×1536)
  • 23" screen (2240×1680)
  • original size, with a 2MB file size limit
  • original size, with a 5MB file size limit
  • videos maximum of 10 minutes in length and 100MB size

File format support does not change either. All users can upload in all the standard file formats (JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG) and all standard video formats (3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, 3p, asf, avi, divx,  dv, dvx, flv, gif, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpg4, mpe, mpeg, mpg, qt,  wmv,  xvid, rm). Pro users can in addition upload SWF (Flash) files.

You can choose to upload from your computer, a Web URL, from your mobile phone or from your email.


When you upload from your computer, you can pre-choose the size your image will end up. Or you can leave it in its original size, with a limit file size of 1MB (free users) or 5MB (Pro users):


When you upload from a Web URL, you just enter the URL of the image.


If you want to upload images from your mobile phone, use the unique email address associated with your Photobucket album to email from your phone to your album. When you click on this option, your unique email address is revealed:


You can also send an image direct from your email account to Photobucket. Just attach the image/photo/video to the email and send to your unique email address:


And finally, we always welcome feedback. Please contact us at

Improvements to Albums and Subalbums

Today we launched some improvements to the ways that Photobucket handles albums and subalbums.

Improvements include:

  • Ability to set sub-albums "public" and "private" selectively
  • More room to display album names in the left sidebar
  • "Expand" and "collapse" feature to display more, or less, subalbum names for lists longer than 25 albums

Edit Album and Sub-Album Properties

Click on the "edit" link at the top of your album sidebar to edit the album properties. You can:

  • Rename your albums
  • Delete albums
  • Set some albums "public" (anyone can see without a password) or "private" (only those with a password can see that album).

Make New Sub-Albums

You can have many albums, and layers of sub-albums, on Photobucket. It’s a good way to keep all your stuff organized.

To make a new album, just enter the name at the bottom of the sidebar, and click "save."

Expand and Collapse the Left Sidebar

If you have more than 25 albums, use the "more" and "less" links to control how many of your albums show in the sidebar at once.