Congratulations to our Life’s an Adventure Story Contest $25,000 Winner!

What an amazing kickoff to Photobucket Stories with our recent Life’s an Adventure contest, and huge thanks to all who participated! There certainly was some tough competition with more than 4,700 entries, many of which ran neck-and-neck after 475,000 of you took to social media to voice your vote for your favorites by entering, commenting, liking and sharing them! But that being said, we did have to narrow it down to one first place champ, and we are happy to congratulate Summer Brennan our $25,000* winner for her story titled “Amado: Befriending a Wild Mustang.”

Summer’s entry chronicles her beautiful and touching journey of her training a wild mustang stallion named Amado. She walks us through the time she spent befriending Amado and gaining his trust while training him for their 90-day “Extreme Mustang Makeover” challenge. And, of course, she includes all the emotional and dramatic ups and downs in between!

After you check out Summer’s story, be sure to take a peek at the inspiring runner-up stories that also each scored $500* for their efforts. These adventures include tales such as hiking the Appalachian Trail, taking a cruise as Hurricane Sandy hit, falling in love in Costa Rica, a family setting sail for the first time, and one woman’s seven months spent traveling the world. You won’t want to miss them!

  • Click here to see a story from Mike_aidala about a personal adventure that ended with a twist.
Searched for adventure but found more..
  • Click here to see a story from LookySquares about a journey of 2,176 miles through 14 states over six months, all with two pairs of shoes and a self-proclaimed “horrible beard.”
2,176 Miles, 14 States, 6 Months...
  • Click here to see story from jsisting1 on some amazing travels from 2012, including Indonesia, Brazil, India and Peru.
My travels 2012
  • Click here to see story from MIST50 about her first-ever cruise, which she received as a 50th birthday gift from her sister, plus their ensuing adventure through nine states.
It's Funny How Things Work Out...
  • Click here to see story from melody_hill about a sailing trip, which turned out to be a bonding experience for the entire family.
A sailing trip

These Stories illustrate just how well Photobucket enables you to create and share your personal narratives using our exciting new Story platform.

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to start thinking about your own life adventures and all the stories you’ll want to capture, create and share of your greatest moments in pictures, text and video. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

*Subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with Official Rules.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, your story may be worth $25,000!

That’s right – you read it correctly. We’re giving our fabulous
Photobucket fans a chance to showcase their creativity in our “Life’s
an Adventure
” contest for an opportunity to win $25,000 (and just in
time for the holidays, too!).

Participating is easy; simply submit your entry in ‘Photobucket
Story’ form via for
consideration. Entries are being accepted now through December 9, and they will
be judged on a combination of creativity, adherence to a theme and social
engagement.  Winners will be announced on December 14.

Haven’t heard about our new Photobucket Stories yet? Stories
allows you to easily create and collaborate on living stories by inviting
friends and family to contribute photos, video and text to a single, sharable
canvas. Once Stories are created, they are easily embeddable on blogs, personal
and brand sites, and can be shared among friends from mobile devices or across
Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

To understand how Stories works, and to prepare for your contest
entry, you can see some examples of recent Stories created on Photobucket here:

what are you waiting for? Chronicle and share your most interesting exploits
for an opportunity to win $25,000. Happy snapping, sharing and storytelling!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

With Mother’s Day around the corner, get a head start on
giving Mom a unique gift with a scrapbook. We have partnered with Scrapblog to
enhance photos by including personalized backgrounds, stickers, text and more.
Try the new QuickMix feature that easily lets you select photos and automatically
builds your pictures on the background and style of your choosing. 

Take advantage of free ground shipping for all print orders
through Monday, May 10. Order your prints today to guarantee an arrival for
Mother’s Day!

Try a Mother's Day Scrapblog kit! If you are in your album, click “Scrapbooks” to check out more themes!


Boutique Chic kit


How to make a Twitter background on Photobucket

This was something fun I did today. Use Scrapblog to create a custom background for your Twitter profile. Scrapblog is utterly amazing. We think you'll have fun.

Here's how:

  1. Click "create scrapbooks" from the menu in your album on Photobucket
  2. Scrapblog window opens
  3. Choose any theme that takes your fancy. Don't worry. You can change it all later.
  4. At the bottom, delete all the pages but one.
  5. Choose "get photos" on the left, and pick the best photos all about YOU.
  6. Choose "get stickers." Have fun with that.
  7. Choose "get backgrounds." More fun.
  8. Use the crop feature to make cool shapes.
  9. Rinse. Repeat. Potentially play for hours.

Once you've saved your Scrapblog, go to the folder on Photobucket that is called "scrapblog-name of your scrapbook". You'll find a static JPG. Grab that and save-as to your desktop so you can upload it to Twitter. (There should be an easier way, huh?)

The trick for Twitter backgrounds is:

  1. Make sure you tile the image when you upload to Twitter.
  2. Put all your pics down the left hand side. Then they'll appear both on the left and the right in Twitter.

Here's the one I made for myself. Not very cool or grungy, but I like it because the pictures mean something to me. To see it in place on my Twitter go here:

Scrapblog has also used Scrapblog for their own Twitter background — it's much better than mine.

Here's what it looks like in Twitter:

Great ideas for celebrating the end of the school year on Photobucket

The end of the school year is approaching. We have so many great things you can do to remember the school year on Photobucket. Here are some ideas:

Teacher Gifts

  • Have your class parents upload their favorite photos from the year to a Group Album on Photobucket
  • Gather the photos together into a printed Scrapbook for the teacher. It'll cost less than $40, and it'll be a wonderful gift she or he can keep forever.

Go here to start a Group Album:
Go here to make a Scrapbook:

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Learn how to make a class memory book on Photobucket

Don't build one of those boring, all-the-same memory books at the end of this school year. 

Photobucket, in collaboration with the awesome people at Scrapblog, can help. Here's just a few pages that show designs for memory books. You can drag and drop to add your own photos easily. We have hundreds of styles to choose from. Then print them out as books or cards.

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