Feeling Hulky? Show It Off in an Incredible Hulk Slideshow

We know you love him. Being green and hulky is a beautiful thing. So show it off in our Incredible Hulk slideshow! Click here to make your own Incredible Hulk slideshow.  

Say “I Love You Dad” In a Slideshow

Father’s Day is June 15 in the USA this year. But wherever you are in the world, you can say "I Love You" any time to Dad in a slideshow. Click here to make a slideshow. On the right side of the slideshow creator, you’ll see lots of slideshow styles. There’s one just for Dads.  […]

The slideshow style for the smart baby in your life

New "Baby Einstein" slideshow style on Photobucket today. Check it out. It’s definitely the slideshow style for the smart baby in your life.

We’re loving Dalmation slideshows on Photobucket

Who doesn’t love their puppy? And what better way to show off your own puppy love than with the new 101 Dalmations Slideshow style that launched on Photobucket this week. Check it out. To make one yourself, click on create slideshow in your album, pick images on the left, a style on the right and […]

New, simpler slideshow creator ships today on Photobucket

Today, we released an upgrade to our popular slideshow creator. You can check it out on Photobucket of course. With this upgrade, Photobucket’s goal is to make what is already a very simple approach to creating slideshows even easier. Highlights of the upgrade: 20 new slideshow frames and styles have been added from our friends […]

New Valentines Day Slideshow Launches Today

Just in time for Love Day … check out this new Slideshow style. Check out the Slideshow Creator in your album, and use the "Hearts4" style.

Say “I Love You” in a Photobucket Remix — Lots of New Styles

New hearts, love and kissable frames on Photobucket’s Remix. Click "Create Remix" in your album. Here’s a super quick sample showing just one of the many new border frames available: But wait! There’s more. Check out all the new styles and frames for yourself. If you haven’t visited Remix in a while, you’ll have fun […]

New Slideshow Styles on Photobucket

We’ve got some nice new slideshow styles for you to play with. Here are a few, but there are more in our slideshow creator. Login to your Photobucket account to take a look. There are plenty more to play with. Just click "Create Slideshow" inside your album. Growing Hearts Style (small size) Instant Photos Style […]

New slideshow view for sharing launches today

Photobucket today launched two new "views" for sharing your photos on Photobucket. The two views are called: "Grid" and "Slideshow." They are pretty straightforward.  Click on "Share Album" and choose whichever view you want to share with friends. The "Links" view is the regular, usual Photobucket view with links for copying HTML. THe "Grid" and […]

Lots of new slideshow styles today

Posted by on Nov 2, 2007 in Slideshows and Scrapbooks | No Comments

Today we launched a ton of new slideshow styles. All created by our good friends at Flektor, who really know their stuff. Here are just a few, and there are more besides. Look under "new styles" to see them all. Click here to make a slideshow. "Black and Dirty" Style "Spray Paint" Style "Notebook" Style […]

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