Back Dat App Up — Auto Backup for Mobile

If you don’t have it already, here’s a link to the app for iOS users, and for Android users.

Question: What do all of these have in common?

  • Toilets
  • Rainy days
  • Toasters
  • Deep fryers
  • Cups of water
  • Cups of green beer
  • Gravity
  • Black holes

Answer: Thaaat’s riiight. Each one of these things desperately want to destroy that shiny smart phone of yours, as well as the cherished memories stored within.

As much as we’d like to have it, there is no galactic forecast that can warn us of incoming black holes, so stop dreaming. Practicing caution, on the other hand, is a freely available resource. Let’s set up that Photobucket app to automatically back up your photos and videos, and do it before it’s crushed into an infinitesimally small singularity, or fried into a delicious snack.


If you’re a first time Photobucket app user, you’ll be prompted right away to turn auto backup on. Let’s say you’ve already chosen to disable auto backup, but the prospect of terrifying black holes has changed your mind. No worries, it’s easy to turn it back on!

Fire up the app, then hit the menu icon  in the top corner. For iOS users, tap Backup, then tap Enable. Only the wording is different on Android – tap the menu icon, then tap Backup, then tap Start Auto Backup.

That’s it! You did it! For iOS users, head over here for more info on your auto backup options (wi-fi only, default album, etc.). Android users, click here.

Well done, be not afraid of losing your images! Now go out into that big world of infinite possibilities, grab it by the shirt collar, and live.

Upload to Album – It’s a Snap!

At Photobucket, we continually strive to have the best photo album experience on the web. Over the coming weeks, we will bring new functionality to your album pages on the website, making it easier to upload, manage, view and share your photo albums.

We recently launched a new, straight forward way to upload directly into your album of choice while viewing that album. Just look for this new uploading hot spot:

Upload Hotspot

 You can start uploading by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a new album, or navigate to the existing album you would like to upload to.

  2. Drag images and videos from your desktop directly into the album.Drag to Album

  3. You can also click the hotspot to open a file browser and choose photos to upload that way.Open File Browser

  4. Voila! Your upload should begin.

You can browse your library while photos are uploading without interrupting the process.  The upload progress bar at the bottom of the page allows you to monitor your uploads and quickly access newly added photos.

Once the upload is complete, we’ll arrange the photos into your album based on your organization preferences.

More exciting album updates are on the way!

Something specific you’d like to see? Let us know your album wish-list in the comments below.



Keep Your Photobucket Private and Hidden from Search

In an age of so much technical progress, somehow our privacy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. At Photobucket, we want you to be happy, and to be confident that nobody is snooping through your private photos.

Occasionally, we receive comments from users who are vetting their own persona in anticipation of job interviews, school applications, and other such things where one’s reputation needs to be cinched up and professional. Some of these people are surprised to learn that their Photobucket account is readily searchable through Google or other search engines!

We all like to have fun, and sometimes that fun can look a bit ridiculous, so I’m here to help you keep that under wraps.

Would rather keep this private.

So you’ve Googled your name and found some photos that you want out of there, like yesterday. Well, assuming you have your log in credentials, let’s take that correct first step.

1 – Sign in, set your albums to private, & scramble

You can set all your albums to private at once. That was easy! Alternatively, if you just have an album or two that you’d like to set as private, check out this article.

As an additional step to securing all of your photos, you can scramble your image links as well. This will instantly, and irreversibly, scramble the link code for all of your images. This means that any image previously linked outside of Photobucket (forums, blogs, the whole shebang) will be broken, so be wary.

What you just did:

  • Stopped Google from crawling any images located under a private album
  • All scrambled images linked out, whether on forums, blogs, or Google search, are now dead – clicking on the image will no longer take the person to your account

2 – Remove your public information from the user settings

Were you aware that you can share your public information under your user settings? It’s a great way to link to your personal/professional blog or portfolio, etc. However, if you’re using Photobucket just for your own, private use, you probably don’t want anyone tracking down your Photobucket.

No worries. Easy fix.

Since you already signed in, head to your user settings. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see this box:

Any information listed in this box is being crawled by search engines, meaning that this information is searchable. To keep your name and Photobucket from showing up on search engines, delete all the information in this box, and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. Easy peasy.

3 – Test it out

Once you’re done tidying things up on your Photobucket account, let’s put it to the test and make sure your account is completely private! After giving it some time, maybe 30 minutes or so, try running through these steps:

  1. Log out of your Photobucket account
  2. Clear your cache and cookies (important!)
  3. Search for your name + Photobucket in Google – are there less results? There should be!
  4. If you still see some of your images or links to your Photobucket account, try clicking the link/image – your account should no longer be accessible to the public and the link should be broken

Now, for those pesky thumbnail images that are still hanging around…

4 – Remove your thumbnails and links from Google search

Sometimes, even after taking the above steps, users still see their thumbnail images/links on Google! This is because they are cached by Google, so they may continue to show up for a while, even after making your images private and removing your public information.

That being said, there is a way to speed up the process! Click here to read an article on Google support forums that explains how to put in a request for immediate removal of your thumbnail images and/or links.

5 – Congrats!

You’ve done it! You’ve successfully removed your Photobucket presence off of public search, you sneaky sneakerson.

Photo Editor Overview

Edit your photos like a pro using Photobucket’s enhanced photo editor. Our easy to use tools help you personalize your memories and add that extra flare that make your photos stand out.

At the top of the page, select the edit tab.

Photo Editor

That will bring up a window with thumbnail views of your images. Here you have the option to edit photos from Your Bucket or from your Albums. Browse through your photos, and when you find the image you would like to edit, click on the thumbnail.

Photo Editor

After you have selected a thumbnail image to edit, that image will be opened in the editor. Once in the editor, you can select a variety of editing options such as Resize, Effects and Contrast.

Edit Photos

Edit Photos

Edit Photos

Use the text editing option to add a motivational quote or inspiration to your photo.

Photo Editor

Be sure to check out the stickers editing feature, an easy way to add flare and originality to your photos.

Photo Editor

This edit was made using our March sticker pack which features travel and St. Patrick’s day stickers. Stickers are updated monthly and change with holidays and seasons.

Edit Photos

Did you know?… you can edit photos on the go in our mobile app! View more editing tutorials to learn about other fun features or log in now to play in our editor and discover the endless possibilities in personalizing your photos.


Our Guide to Giving Mom a More Memorable Gift This Year

Spring has sprung and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to find a thoughtful gift for Mom, and Photobucket is here to the rescue!

What better way to honor Mom than by sharing your favorite memories together? With just a bit of planning, you can easily create a fun photo gift that she’ll cherish for years to come. magazine

Below are a few tips for creating – and giving – an unexpected gift for Mother’s Day that will allow her to relive happy moments…and put a smile on her face every single day.

From photo books to mobile phone covers to wine openers and more, there are all sorts of gifts you can personalize for Mom. First is to decide what type of gift you’re creating and how many photos you’ll need to use (see our ideas at the end for inspiration), then comes selecting the best shots to showcase in your gifts.


Create a collage of baby pictures, a remembrance of a favorite day or even a collection of shots of her whole brood. Whichever you choose, you can upload your mobile phone pictures and photos onto your PC with ease to create a new Mother’s Day-themed album on Photobucket in which to store these shots for safekeeping. You can always edit them down later, but having them all in one place will give you easy access and will make the project go much more smoothly.


Finally, print your gift by visiting our handy photo gifts page to design your project and have it delivered to your doorstep. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Stumped on what to make to make Moms’ day? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Family Photo Slideshow: Make a slideshow with family photos from throughout the past year. Place it on a digital photo frame, iPad or burn it to DVD for a gift that keeps on giving year-round
  2. DIY Photo Jewelry: Try a cool, DIY project that turns ordinary necklaces, bracelets, key chains and charms into these gorgeous photo keepsakes
  3. Hand-Picked Photo Book: A sweet album allows you to combine your favorite photos and quotes into a personalized album for mom. It’s so easy to create, and you can even view our video about getting started or learn more about our photo book types for added inspiration
  4. Custom Mobile & Tablet Cases: Check out our chic cases, where you can add your own photos and showcase her personality. Score some bonus points by putting the case on her phone Mother’s Day morning
  5. Stainless Steel Travel Mug: One of our most popular items, you can warm Mom’s heart (and her belly!) on those chilly morning commutes with this sleek, modern mug. Add your favorite photos to ensure she’s got miles of smiles ahead of her!

We hope this post has brought you some Momspiration for the May 12, 2012 celebration, and don’t forget that these ideas can apply to Dad’s and grads in the coming months, too!


Get Up-to-Speed on Photobucket with Video Tutorials

In an effort to help both our new and loyal customers settle in to the all-new Photobucket, we recently launched a collection of short videos that provide easy-to-digest tips and tricks to enjoy the new site.

To give you an idea of the topics we cover in the library, here are the latest “Quick Tips” available for viewing:

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro looking to brush up on your technique, we’ll show you how to manage basic – yet essential – site features and capabilities. Other “how-to” topics explored include episodes focused on basic photo uploading to your account, logging in, quick navigation and user settings. There is also this handy video, which shows users around the new and improved Photobucket photo editor.

With a little guidance and knowledge under your belt, we’re confident that the all-new Photobucket will be the one site you need to do everything you want with your photos and videos.

We will continue to update regularly with additional tutorials for getting up-to-speed on all the site has to offer so you can quickly and easily transition to the best Photobucket experience yet.  Is there anything in particular that you would like to see a tutorial for?  Leave a comment below to let us know!

Happy Exploring!

Five simple tips for taking memorable vacation photos

By Tom Munro, CEO2011-11-26130016

It’s hard to believe that winter break has already come and gone. I managed to sneak out and take my son skiing last weekend, and I hope you had a chance to squeeze in some family together time before the kids go back to school. Not only do vacations provide families a much-needed break from the daily grind, but I also think they’re a great opportunity to capture some special moments together. And because of that, I wanted to share a few of my favorite quick tips to help you capture those memories while traveling:

  1. Make a plan for power. Not it’s not as fun as thinking about cool backdrops or funny poses, but the simple fact is that dead batteries ruin great photo opportunities. Learn to manage power with spare batteries and chargers (plan ahead with a power adapter, if you’re going international), and you’ll never miss that epic “shot that could have been.”
  2. Protect your gear. Cameras and smartphones are particularly susceptible to damage from moisture and falls, so take proper precautions, especially if you’re active. Invest in a padded, waterproof camera bag, keep memory cards away from anything with a magnetic field while going through airport security, and consider picking up a pack of silica gel to further reduce moisture, if you’re headed someplace humid.
  3. Avoid clichéd shots. Resist the urge to pose people awkwardly in front of landmarks and monuments. Not only will your family’s patience wear thin (I speak from experience), but it also makes for generic pictures post-vacation. Instead, make it a game to challenge the group to create clever poses and compositions that haven’t been done before.
  4. Plant the seed. Usually one person assumes the role of unofficial family photographer, but don’t let that be the default on family trips! They don’t have to be expensive – even a drugstore point-and-shoot will do – but giving kids cameras is a great way to keep them entertained as they capture the vacation from their perspective. You may be pleasantly surprised at what they can come up with!  
  5. Remember the three B’s: Bring storage, Back up files – and above all, Be creative! The first two are pretty self-explanatory; there’s no use in taking the time to take great photos if you run out of shots the second day of the trip or – I hate to even say it – accidentally delete everything. So pack ample storage, and remember to regularly transfer photos to your online account (Photobucket!) to make sure those memories are safe. But, bottom line, enjoy your camera, experiment with new lenses, functions and features and just have fun with photography on your trip. Whether it’s an international excursion or a short staycation, you’re making memories that are worth capturing.

59A05577-origIf you have any other tips to add, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


Tell Your Summer Story!

You took tons of summer photos, and want to make them look their best before showing off, so today we're going to show you cool ways to Share, Print and Edit your photos with those you care about the most!


With a few clicks, you can turn your summer photos into creative projects.  Here's how:

  1. Log in to Photobucket and click "edit photos" at the top of the page. Select the image you want to edit, which will then launch the image editor:Effects
  2. From here, you can make your summer photos pop with the "Color Splash" effect, or add a cool summery look with the "Cross Process" effect on the Retro Tab.  Don't forget to take a look at the other tabs on the page, as there are tons of sweet ways to edit your photo!
  3. To watch a short tutorial on editing ideas, click here!


Sharing your summer photos or even a whole album is fast and easy with Photobucket! Here's a quick way to share a photo:

  1. Log in to your Photobucket account and hover over the image you want to share.
  2. Click the "Share" button. You'll see some options like these: Shareyourphoto 
  3. Click the option that fits your need. You can share using Facebook, Twitter, email and more.   Add a message and tell your friends and family what your photo or video is about! 
  4. Watch a short tutorial showing you how easy it is to share! 


Printing photos is a great way to always have your stories with you. From simple prints to fun collages, we offer great options for you to print your summer moments. It's easy:

  1. Log in and click "My Home" at the top of the screen.
  2. Click "Order Prints & More".
  3. We have partnered with the leading printing service, Lifepics, for all your printings needs.  You can order prints, make cards, calendars, photo books, and gifts of all sorts!
  4. Click here to get some fun ideas on print projects and learn more! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the easy and fun ways to share your summer memories with friends and family! Keep an eye out for further features we're bringing you at Photobucket!

Create Cute Valentine’s Day Greetings

Get creative this Valentine’s Day and send your special valentine cute greetings and messages! Whether it’s showing love to your BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or dad, we have launched a bunch of features and tools to help you create your perfect greeting.  Here are some ideas for your Valentine’s Day project:

Create a slideshow!

Turn your favorite photos into a video-like slideshow with a heart themed border and transition! Slideshows are a fun way to bring movement to your photos and remember them in a unique way.  Click here to start!


Add cute stickers and icons

 From scene-looking smiley faces to adorable “I love you” stickers, add something fun to your photos! Look for the Valentine’s Day tab in the image editor or click here to start creating!



Want to be cupid?

You can! Insert your face into a cupid body and send it your friends! Get started here! (Or click "edit" on the photo you want to use and click the Valentine's tab)


 Have a huge crush on some cutie? There’s no time like the present to show them you like them, type a cute little message and see what can happen!



Want to get really fancy?! Try a neat effect of chopping up your photo and making a cool collage out of it.

1.       Select the photo you want to use and click “edit”.

2.       On the “Basic” tab, click “crop”


3.       Crop the photo in 4 equal parts (or as equal as you can get). Select the first area and click “save a copy”.



Select your original photo again and crop it again, but this time in the middle of the photo. Click “save a copy”.


 Do this 2 more times so you have a total of 4 photos.

 Once you are back in the album, Click “edit photos” and “create collage”.



Select the “1×4” portrait layout and load each photo that you just created.



Optionally you can change the background color to a festive red.

Once you are happy with your photo, click “customize” and type a message, add stickers or anything you want to add to the photo.Voila!


Fall Photography Tips

Fall is a great time to experiment with your camera and capture some beautiful colors. From gorgeous landscapes to intimate close-up shots of leaves, here are some photography tips and ideas on how to photograph fall foliage:

Composition: This term is used when talking about how objects are positioned in a photo. How you compose a shot is telling a story of what you want to focus on. In the photo below, the focus is on the red leaf compared to the neutral colors of the rocks in the background. Try off-centering objects in your photo to show what you want to focus on.


Perspective: This is similar to composition but is more about the photographer's position in relation to the shot. Are you standing above a leaf looking down on a leaf? Or do you want to catch a sunset behind a tree? Where you are in relation to the object affects the perspective of the photo. In the photo below the photographer got to eye-level with the leaf to get a level view.


Macro: Macro photography is a style of shooting images super close-up where you see lots of texture and detail. Check out our previous tutorial on how to turn on the macro feature on your camera. Most all cameras have this feature and it's a great setting to experiment and play around with. Try turning on your macro setting and get great leaf and pumpkin textures.  


Color Adjustment: After you have uploaded your great fall shots to Photobucket, try enhancing them with simple and easy color adjustments. Select the photo you want to edit and on the "Basic
 tab, click  "Adjust." Slide the modules to adjust the coloring and saturation you like best.





Color Splash: Apply the fun and eye-catching color splash effect to your fall photos and get a unique look! Click here for directions on how to make a color splash photo.