Fireworks Tutorial

Happy 4th of July! If you are planning on taking
in some fireworks this year to ring in the 4th, here are some easy
tips on how to take great looking shots.

 Point-and-Shoot Cameras:

  • Turn off the flash of your
    camera. (Flash is a lightning bolt looking icon.)
  • Use a tripod – It will eliminate camera shake which causes your photos to
    be blurry.
  • Change your camera to Night
    Mode. Refer to your camera’s manual on how to navigate to this mode.
  • Low ISO (80-100) – You
    don’t need a high ISO because the fireworks won’t stand out in the photo
    like you want them to with a high ISO and you don’t want a grainy looking
  • Don't press the shutter as
    soon as the fireworks explode. Instead wait for the trails to appear and
    take your shot. Play around with timing to get a shot that you like.



SLR Cameras:

  • Use a tripod
  • For best results use a remote
    release, it will reduce camera shake.
  • Switch to bulb mode and
    the shutter will remain open as long as you hold the shutter down. 
  • Shutter: Slow shutter to around
    3 seconds.
  • Aperture: A small aperture
    F8 will make the firework trails thin and dark, whereas a larger aperture
    such as 2.8 will make them thicker and lighter. Experiment with your
    aperture setting to see what you like best.
  • Low ISO (80-100), you
    don’t need a high ISO because the fireworks won’t pop in the photo like
    you want them to with a high ISO and you don’t want a grainy looking



Check out our Fireworks category and enter your photos in
our 4th of July Contest!

Create Funny Father’s Day Greetings

Father's Day is June 20th and instead of giving the gift of a tie, grill or slipper set, make Dad something he will remember. Easily create a fun and free Father's Day greeting card with our Image Editor features. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Click the "Edit" link above the photo you want to edit. Hint: Try experimenting on an old picture with funny expressions.

2.  Click the "Decorate" Tab, then click "Text" to add funny text. Type in your message, and select the font size, color and for the message.



3. Explore the other editing features such as adding stickers or borders if you want to add additional unique effects. 

4. . Click "Save a Copy" after you are satisfied with all your edits, and you have yourself a funny and personal Father's Day greeting!


Check out our Father's Day Category for more inspiration and ideas!

Create a Graduation Collage

Create a fun collage with all your memorable graduation photos! Here are a few simple steps to create one:

1. Navigate to the album that you want to use to create a collage. Click on the "Edit Images" link at the top.


2. Click "Create a Collage" on the dialog box that appears.The Collage Creator launches.

3. Select the layout that you want.


4. Click "Load Photo" to select the photo you want programmed in that spot. Repeat as necessary.

5. Click "Customize" at the top of the Collage Creator after you fill all the spots.The Image Editor appears.


6. Add a border, add text, add stickers, etc. all to your collage. 


7. Click "Save a copy" to save your collage.

Voila! You now have a great keepsake for all your fun graduation photos!


Create Mother’s Day Greetings

Your momma is so….WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL! Show Mom you love her with a unique greeting on your favorite picture. It's simple to create a personalized and memorable photo card that Mom will always remember. Here are a few tips:

1. Click the "Edit" button above the photo you want to edit:


You are now in the Image Editor.
2.  Click on the "Decorate" Tab, then click "Borders". Select a border that you'd like to add to your photo. You can adjust the width of the border, color, etc. at the top of this page so be on the lookout for those options. The photo below uses the "Daises" border.


3. Add a special message! On the "Decorate" Tab, click on the "Text" box. Enter a message and select a font, font color, and size. 

4. Add some stickers! On the "Decorate" tab, click on the "stickers" button. Browse through dozens of stickers and select any that you like.


5. After you are satisfied with all your edits, click "Save a Copy" of your photo and you have yourself a lovely  unique Mother's Day greeting!

Complete Log in your account and start editing! Not sure what to say? Head over to our Mother's Day category and find a greeting that fits your personality!

New Color Splash Effect

Try our new Color Splash effect!  Transforming your photos with the Color
Splash effect just got easier with our brand new effect in the Image Editor.
Color Splash allows you to keep certain areas of your photo in color while the
rest is black-and-white. Here’s how it works:


Click the “Edit” link on the photo you want to
edit. This opens the Image Editor.


Click the “Effects” Tab, and select the first
option: “Color Splash”. Your photo turns black-and-white.


Drag the brush (black dot) over areas you want
in color. You can select the brush size to apply the effect to both small and
large areas.


Click “Save a copy” when you are satisfied with
all the areas to create your new Color Splash photo!


Share your fun Color Splash photos
in our Color Splash group album, or check out our Color Splash category!

Adding Borders to Your Photos

Add a professional touch to your photos with the "Borders" feature in the image editor.  Choose from a handful of fun styles to make your photos stand out and give it an authentic feel. Here are some simple steps on how to add borders to your photos:

1. Click the "edit" button above your photo.


2. Click the "Decorate" tab and select "Borders". A menu with border options will appear. Play around with each border to see which is the best fit for your photo. The photo below has the "Vignette/Matte" border applied because it has so much extra space around the edges.


3. Voila! You have yourself a great professional looking photo!



Bokeh Tutorial

Have you checked out our cool light photography category
Bokeh? Bokeh refers to blurred areas of a photo where only a certain
portion of the image is in focus. It’s a very unique and beautiful effect
that’s fun to experiment with. The holidays are a great time to experiment with Bokeh with all the fun festive lights hung up.  Here are some tips on how to create a Bokeh

 Point-and-Shoot Cameras:

  • Make sure the room you are
    shooting is dark and not too bright to get a better effect.
  • Turn off your flash (the
    lightning bolt looking icon Flash-icon )
  • Select the Macro setting
    (the flower looking icon on your camera, see macro tutorial for more info.)
  • Stand a few feet away from
    some lights. (Any kind of Holiday lights work well)
  • Hold your finger out in
    front of your camera and hold the shutter button down halfway so your
    finger is in focus. (Remember not to press the shutter button all the way down)
  • Now your camera is focused on the object in front of
    you and the lights are blurred in the back. Take your finger away from the
    shot and press the shutter button all the way down.



IMG_1525 Bokeh

Hint: After your pull your finger out of the frame, mess around with the zoom on your camera to play around with the size of the Bokeh. The more you zoom in the larger the circles will be.


SLR Cameras:

  • Set your camera to AV mode.
  • Select the smallest possible aperture. (f) number should be
  • Place and object in the foreground and focus on that object
    so the background of lights is blurred out.
  • Press the shutter and voila you should see hexagonal shapes
    on the background.



If you really want to experiment, try using cutout shapes
and taping it to the lens of your camera. Test shapes, hearts, stars, anything
you want to see in blurred lights.

Macro Photography

 Macro_Mode_Symbol Ever wonder what that little flower looking icon on your
camera did?

It’s actually a really fun and impressive mode to shoot photos in.  The mode is called “Macro” and is commonly
known for shooting close-up photography. When shooting in Macro mode, you can
get really crisp and detailed photos of the object you are photographing. Depending
on your lens you can get a small portion in focus while the rest is blurred to
make the object you want to focus on stand out. It’s a great mode to shoot
flowers, insects, food to show texture or anything you want to see details of. Try
it out and check out our Macro category!


Jack-O-Lanterns Photography Tips


Share your creative and spooky Jack-O-Lanterns by taking
memorable and fun photos. Here are a few tips on how to take photos of your Jack-O-Lantern

  1. Use a tripod, or place your camera on something
    that’s sturdy, like a table.
    Place your pumpkin in front of a plain
    background or outside with a cool backdrop of plants or vines. Avoid putting it
    in front of a congested area as the design won’t capture as well.
    Light your pumpkin with at least 2-3 candles
    inside. The more candles you use, the more the pumpkin will glow. 

  4. Turn off your flash to maintain the spooky glow
    of your pumpkin and keep your photo from getting washed out.

  5. Use a manual setting or the TV mode to slow down
    the shutter speed if you are using an SLR camera.  Try a shutter speed of 0.8-2.5

Take a few shots and experiment! Show off your
Jack-O-Lanterns in our group album