Story of a Mailbox Love Affair

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On the Corner of 12th and Lafayette in Denver Hill’s Capital Hill Neighborhood, there is a love affair…. And so the Story is told. Congratulations goes out to Derek Cann, our social media support specialist, whose clever idea to tell the tale of these now infamous star-crossed lovers was a winner in our recent Photobucket’s Employee Stories […]

Things are happening at Photobucket!

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Today is a very exciting day for Photobucket and for our users as well. For months, we have been carefully listening to what you, our loyal users, wanted to see more of in the site and have been doing some heavy remodeling behind the scenes. We are incredibly excited to pull back the curtain, starting […]

Keeping your photo links safe online

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  You may have seen the articles talking about "fusking" or the ability to gain access to private images on Photobucket. Protecting your privacy is paramount at Photobucket so we wanted to clarify what that means for those of you unfamiliar with the term and share how you can add a layer of protection.  Unless […]

Celebrate Dad with Personalized Photo Gifts and “Me and My Dad” Photo Contest

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It’s that time of year again! As we head into mid-June our thoughts usually tend toward ideas to celebrate Dad, who can be one tough character to buy for, by the way. Below are a few ideas in case you need some help deciding how to best honor your family’s patriarch this weekend. One surefire […]

Hats off to this year’s grads!

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It’s that time of year again… Tents are pitched everywhere as seniors in both high school and college are marking the end of their journeys and preparing for the next adventure. Parents rejoice as they watch the achievements their children have made and capture the moment on camera so they can remember the day forever. […]

New Holiday Effects

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It’s that time of year of parties, family gatherings, gift exchanges and that guilty pleasure of eating a dozen cookies. All this celebrating means it's time to charge your camera battery and make some space on that memory card of yours.  Whether you are at a friend’s holiday party or taking family photos in front […]

Awesome Updates!

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Hey Photobucket Users, We wanted to let you know about a few cool new features we've made to the website: Main Functional Changes: There are now additional share entry points.  This means that after editing or creating a slideshow, you’ll now be dropped into the share flow. Chunked uploads after a upload failure.  If your […]

Win a $200 Gift Card for Your Converse All-Stars!

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Hey US Photobucket users: Did you know you can win a $200 gift card to Journeys, just for posting a color splash photo of your Chucks? Well, you do now! It's simple to enter: Color splash a photo of your Chucks in Photobucket and enter the contest here. ??? Profit! It really is that simple […]

Photobucket Mobile for Android: a Fantastic New Use for a Mobile Device Camera

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Ever tried getting photos, let alone videos, off of your cell phone?  It’s hard!  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that automatically sent every photo and video you took with your phone to the cloud, so it could be accessed immediately from anywhere? Photobucket is making saving mobile photos and videos simpler […]

Photobucket Survey: Consumers in the Spirit of Photo Sharing this Holiday Season

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Last month Photobucket conducted a survey to gauge the holiday photo and video taking habits of consumers.  Some interesting findings: 82% of respondents intend to capture their holiday memories with a digital camera, while a significant number (27%) intend to use a phone/smartphone camera. Both were much higher than those planning to use professional photography […]

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