How to check how many GB of storage I have used.

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How to find how much storage you have used:

You can view the amount of storage used at any time by going to the Account tab in your User Settings: or Click Here.  Midway down the page, you will see your storage usage.

Over your storage? 

If you’ve exceeded the allotted storage for your account, please upgrade your account to a higher subscription level.

Find the plan that meets your storage needs! View plans in detail Here

Plus 500 Plan

  • 500 GB of storage
  • Stores approximately 50,000 Photos
  • $399.99 per year
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Hosting!

Plus 100 Plan

  • 100 GB of storage
  • Stores approximately 25,000 Photos
  • $99.99 per year

Plus 50 Plan

  • 50 GB of storage
  • Stores approximately 12,500 Photos
  • $59.99 per year

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