Comments launch today on Photobucket!

We know. We know. You've all been waiting for comments on Photobucket for a long time. With a site that hosts over 75 million users, and billions and billions of photos and videos, we have to ensure that any features can withstand issues on a grand scale — so we can keep your site humming along nicely.

But, that aside, you can now comment on any public photo or video on Photobucket. Woo hoo!

So one of the many things about Photobucket users we love is your sense of humor. So to celebrate comments, let's have fun with our funny photos group album. Scroll down to see a great offer for a FREE T-SHIRT!

So let's get started!

There are some brilliantly funny photos in our "funny" group album. What better place to kick off commenting? Here are a couple of random treats. Add your own comments!

Baby Ring Eye

Add your comment to this photo!

Face Head

Add your comment to this photo!

We'll send you a t-shirt!!
We'll send a fabulous limited-editing American Apparel "Photobucket Tag Cloud" T-shirt to the funniest comment on ANY photo in our funny stuff group album before Thanksgiving (Nov 26 for those of you who are outside the US). So make sure the email address in your Account Options is up to date, and we'll write to you if you win.

Click "continue reading" below to find out rules and regs about commenting. Thanks!

Some rules and regs

Here are some of the parameters around comments:

  • Album owners can choose to have no comments on their album contents
  • Album owners can choose to 'approve' comments before they are shown publicly
  • Album owners can delete any comments
  • Album owners can block any user
  • An album owner's own comments are always auto-approved

There are other various rules and regs designed to keep your sanity in place, but the main ones are listed above.

You'll be told when someone has commented on your stuff by email. So
be sure to check your Account Options page to make sure you email
address is up-to-date.

7 thoughts on “Comments launch today on Photobucket!

  1. look i had the city background: but the drop down box links werent working well:
    so i reverted back to plain wrapper: and now you folks put drop down on them also:
    it does not work unless i clik on the pik itself and get html from there:
    I do alot of posting for my muysic page:
    why couldnt you leave the plain wrapper page alone??

  2. The new photobucket format sucks. It makes it REALLY HARD to grab links because whenever you get it highlighted it vanishes. Also the auto copy was really nice back when it was well-designed. Now it’s pretty terrible.

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