Complete re-vamp of our “Share” feature launches today

We have updated our "Share" feature on Photobucket. There's lots that's new in this feature, so these blog posts will break it into chunks: The big bits in today's release:

  • One-click post — this means you can post photos, videos, or slideshows to another site where you have an account — without visiting that site. Read about this.
  • Live slideshow — updates with your latest photos and videos. Comes in any size for posting on your Web site, profile or blog. Read about this.
  • Link to newest uploads — with a way to post those uploads anywhere automatically.
  • New and improved WAP site — for those of you who want to visit Photobucket on your Web-enabled phone. Read about this.

Here's an example of our neat new "live" slideshow that shows the most recent photo and videos in an album. You can make these slideshows of your album's most recent 100 photos, all the public photos in your album, or a group album that you like. Try it out in your album.


  1. JP
    March 16, 2009

    I didn’t feel like looking forever to go through the “contact us” features to report this to you guys, but in the “share this image” area of my photobucket, when I copy a link it forgets to convert spaces into %20 so it leaves spaces in-between my sub-folder names, leaving the link broken.

  2. Sara
    March 13, 2009

    I can’t see the embedded album for some reason. All I see is a blank box. I get the same problem when I try to embed it on my web site. Do you know what the problem could be?