Create Funny Father’s Day Greetings

Father's Day is June 20th and instead of giving the gift of a tie, grill or slipper set, make Dad something he will remember. Easily create a fun and free Father's Day greeting card with our Image Editor features. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Click the "Edit" link above the photo you want to edit. Hint: Try experimenting on an old picture with funny expressions.

2.  Click the "Decorate" Tab, then click "Text" to add funny text. Type in your message, and select the font size, color and for the message.



3. Explore the other editing features such as adding stickers or borders if you want to add additional unique effects. 

4. . Click "Save a Copy" after you are satisfied with all your edits, and you have yourself a funny and personal Father's Day greeting!


Check out our Father's Day Category for more inspiration and ideas!

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