The Earth is Plotting to Destroy Your Phone

Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Contests, Feature Updates, Stories | 126 Comments

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Gravity, toilets, wildlife. They strike unexpectedly, taking your phone down with them. The result? Shattered, soaked, un-useable phones. But even more devastating? Thousands of photo memories lost and forgotten, never to be seen again.

But don’t be scared! We may never win the battle against phone destruction, but we have found a cure for lost photo memories. Download the free Photobucket app, and turn on your auto backup immediately! Your phone may fall victim to destruction but your photos will live on forever.

Tell us your story and win.

We want to hear your most unbelievable, strangest, most hilarious or horrifying smartphone incedent.

Share your phone destruction story in tweet, photo or video form with the hashtag #BePrepared to be entered to win $250 in Photobucket Print Shop credit! (Our most awesome prize yet)

Don’t be another statistic. Backup your photo memories today before they are lost forever.

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  1. Stephanie Corus
    June 23, 2014

    I was on the crowded beach, standing in the surf with my headphones on listening to worship music. It was my last few moments before we headed to the airport to go home. I had my phone tucked safely in my bathing suit away from the water. i worshipped for 30 minutes or so and began to make my way back to the hotel, walking in the surf, watching the children playing and families enjoying the beach. I came across a little guy playing with his pale and shovel. Oh No! He lost his shovel to the surf, so without thinking, I went after it. As i reached down into the surf to rescue his shovel, the wave came and pulled it deeper. I was committed to my rescue mission, and as I placed my hand on the wayward shovel, my phone fell from my suit into the water, dangling from my headphones, I pulled it up quickly, only to have it slip again out of my grasp and fall into the ocean. It worked for nearly 10 minutes but was fried after that. But my mission to rescue that little guys shovel was a huge success.

  2. David
    June 7, 2014

    I was playing golf with 3 friends, and managed to hit my ball into a dam on the golf course. It was near the edge, so I parked my buggy and went to fish it out. As I bent down at the waters edge, the buggy rolled past and up-ended itself in the water – spilling sticks, balls, tees, car keys, GPS, and my Galaxy S3. It took 20 minutes to find everything, the phone was last (blended into the mud), and my three friends helpfully rolled around on the grass giggling hysterically. Unfortunately the S3 couldn’t be revived. Cheers 🙂 #BePrepared

  3. Ryan A.
    June 6, 2014

    I was so excited to finally take my first flying lesson a few weeks ago! 🙂
    I was SO excited that I left both my new tablet AND my new phone on the wing while I did the pre-flight plane check. Here are the the results of what happens when you leave your new tablet and phone on the wing of a plane when you take off… and THEN multiple planes run over them while they take off after you…
    I do NOT recommend leaving your tablet or phone on the wing of a plane! 🙁

    PS- was trying to attach the picture of both of them here but it does not allow me an option to attach a photo. How may I include a photo please? Thank you

  4. Stephanie Brothers
    June 4, 2014

    The world conspired against me! I got a brand new iphone 5c and was setting aside money for a lifeproof case. My tire popped on the third day I had it and I had to spend my phone case funds on the tire. Wouldn’t you know it, I dropped my phone the VERY NEXT DAY. UGH. My screen is still broken. 🙁 luckily it didn’t harm my photos!

    • Stephanie Brothers
      June 4, 2014