The Earth is Plotting to Destroy Your Phone

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Gravity, toilets, wildlife. They strike unexpectedly, taking your phone down with them. The result? Shattered, soaked, un-useable phones. But even more devastating? Thousands of photo memories lost and forgotten, never to be seen again.

But don’t be scared! We may never win the battle against phone destruction, but we have found a cure for lost photo memories. Download the free Photobucket app, and turn on your auto backup immediately! Your phone may fall victim to destruction but your photos will live on forever.

Tell us your story and win.

We want to hear your most unbelievable, strangest, most hilarious or horrifying smartphone incedent.

Share your phone destruction story in tweet, photo or video form with the hashtag #BePrepared to be entered to win $250 in Photobucket Print Shop credit! (Our most awesome prize yet)

Don’t be another statistic. Backup your photo memories today before they are lost forever.

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  1. KtCallista
    May 22, 2014

    Not my phone, but the most dramatic phone death I’ve witnessed. I was at a FIRST LEGO League championship robotics tournament and the parade of teams had just begun. It was in a two level college gym and many people were standing on the second level taking pictures as the teams came out onto the floor. One kid on the second level, reached out with a brand new Samsung to take a photo and the phone came crashing to the basketball court floor, barely missing several judges’ heads! As I was standing with the judges I picked up the phone, the screen was completely shattered.

  2. Meredith Crumb
    May 22, 2014

    …Which Time? The time my husband left it on the car roof & drove off… then the garbage truck ran over it? Or when our son put his new phone in his cargo pocket and helped someone moved and totally cracked the screen?, … or the time our other son left in on the toilet paper dispenser in a stall (technically not broken – ‘wildlife walked off with it???) … Or the time it fell out of my husband’s phone holster at a gas-stop on a road trip, fell into a puddle was run over, and with cracked screen someone dialed the last number days later to reach my daughter…(that’s how we knew)…or was it the time it LEPT out of my bike basket as I rode a trail…gosh, I could go on but I’m sure I’ll run out of character space and I haven’t even gotten to WATER incidents!!!!

  3. Mary B
    May 22, 2014

    I am active outdoors which means using old fashion outhouses.. not using my phone, but it fell from my pocket down into the depths of the outhouse “mess”. No way was I going to retrieve it!! Just wrote it off! #BePrepared

  4. Deb
    May 22, 2014

    I went for a long run in Boston while training for the Boston Marathon. My Iphone froze, and I lost my music and GPS. So I stuck it in my bra to warm it up. This worked, and the music and GPS came back – temporarily. Then it died altogether. I guess I sweat it to death. Nothing backed up.

  5. Heather Issers
    May 22, 2014

    On my honeymoon, my husband and I decided to go canoeing . We tipped over multiple times. The first time we tipped my phone went to the bottom of the Jordan river.

  6. Debbie
    May 22, 2014

    I live on a farm. Nuff said? Here at Heavens Door Acres we take in rescues, farm animal rescues. This means I depend on my phone to be with me at all times, to take in emergency calls, and document the incoming animals with pictures. My poor phones have been through it all from falling in buckets or troughs of water, to falling in…well….you know. They have been stepped on, and even had one that a momma had given birth on. It has been lost in the hay, and found in feed cans. My new phone is now safe with a “Life Proof” case. I hope. 🙂

  7. Joe
    May 22, 2014

    Two days after I got my new phone, was visiting my gf. My parents love magnets so I decided to get some from a store from the city where my gf was from.

    While walking, the shopping bag with the magnets swung by my pocket which had my phone. Phone software was immediately fried. To top it off: parents didn’t even like the magnets.

  8. Jason Higgins
    May 22, 2014

    This happen about 3 years ago, I was still attached to my unit near Camp Freedom in a iraq, the was keep your head the enemy like to take pot shots at use, well I just gotten a new iPhone and was dying to try it out. After a few photos I placed the phone in my left breast pocket. No sooner did I do I heard what I will describe as an old car from a movie going boom. I checked myself make sure I wasn’t hurt and walked into my tent I wanted to show my Battle Buddy the new phone I pulled it and 2 inches more I would have been shot. So this is more how a cell phone saved my life.. Thank You IPhone

  9. Amanda
    May 21, 2014

    Okay my worst moment with a smartphone! I was at the lake with my dog, it’s fall and I’m on a dock when I pull out my phone and they silly thing described to take a dip in the lake! My hands clap my face, I stare at it for a couple seconds than I shuck my pants run part way down the dock hop in and go running back towards the end of the dock! My dog thinks this is great fun and goes running after me splashing me all along I’m saying “it’s cold” over and over! I grab my phone which is naturally in 3 feet deep of water 🙂 pull my self back up on the dock pull my pants back on and took my phone apart! The rice trick helped for a bit during that time I could only text no calling than a week or so I could call again but some of the external buttons didn’t work anymore, so I ended up having to buy a new phone!!!

  10. Paul S.
    May 21, 2014

    I left my phone on the rear bumper of my Jeep and drove off. I saw it fly off in my side mirror. I stopped and ran back for the phone. No damage! A few days later I dropped it glass side down on my concrete driveway. Picked it up expecting it to be OK. WRONG! The glass was shattered so bad I could see nothing!

  11. Amy
    May 21, 2014

    Last summer on my birthday weekend, we went to our favorite beach restaurant/bar for dinner. After dinner, we moved to the bar area which just so happens to be located on the bay in Wildwood, NJ. My cousin and I were having fun taking some selfies when we decided to get a photo of me and my boyfriend. I go to hand my cousin the phone. She reached out to grab it but instead hit the bottom of the phone. Needless to say the phone went airborne hitting the bar, bounced threw the railing, hit the dock and splashed right into the bay. Couldn’t do it again if I tried, not that I would want to lose another phone. Lost all the pictures to the fishes # beprepared

  12. Amy Rossley
    May 21, 2014

    Last summer on my birthday weekend, we went to our favorite beach restaurant/bar for dinner. After dinner, we moved to the bar area which just so happens to be located on the bay in Wildwood, NJ. My cousin and I were having fun taking some selfies when we decided to get a photo of me and my boyfriend. I go to hand my cousin the phone. She reached out to grab it but instead hit the bottom of the phone. Needless to say the phone went airborne hitting the bar, bounced threw the railing, hit the dock and splashed right into the bay. Lost all the pictures to the fishes # beprepared

  13. Stangeragain
    May 21, 2014

    I’m a country girl and have horses. Well horses have personalities and can be quite funny. I was out feeding and had just purchased this beautiful colorful acrylic cover for my cellphone with butterflies.I placed it in my shirt pocket PJ my big Bay quarter horse came walking up to me for a hug, he stands about 16 hands or more and quick as a wink he grabbed my cellphone and quick as a wink my hand was down his mouth, grabbed it but not in time that he crunched it a couple of times…..scared me to death, I thought oh my, I was more worried about him then my cellphone. But I retrieved it,no harm except to cell phone lol.

  14. dave
    May 21, 2014

    My BlackBerry z10 got destroyed by an ill timed photo attempt in the splash zone of the Orca Show at Sea World

  15. Alex Harms
    May 20, 2014

    (I’d love to submit my story by using photos, but as my phone has just been destroyed I can’t – the photos were all on it!! And no, I hadn’t backed them up yet!)

    I really laughed seeing this topic, because the beach just swallowed my beautiful iphone yesterday! Its currently under about a metre or two of sand – really. They are busy doing ‘sand reclamation’ down at my local beach to repair damage done by a big storm, and I was there walking my dog and taking photos of all the cool earth moving machinery, especially the massive caterpillar-tread tracks in the sand. I was probably a bit closer to the machinery than I should have been, but next thing my dog decides to um, ‘go to the loo’ in the middle of the working area. Being a responsible dog owner I dashed forward with my little baggie and scooped up the poop. Then deposited bag into nearest bin and walked to my car and got in to drive home, when I realised…”ahhhrgghhh – NO PHONE”. I hurriedly returned to the scene of the crime, where my phone must have fallen out of my back pocket when I bent down, and guess what? A huge truck had just deposited a few tons of sand onto that very area!! And, to make matters even worse, was now driving backwards and forwards over the top, smoothing it all out!
    My poor phone – to die such a terrible crushing and suffocating death! 🙁

    In my case the earth really did plot to destroy my precious phone, and did the deed successfully too!

    • Hannah Moorhead
      May 21, 2014

      Wow! A few tons of sand and just like that, it’s over!

  16. Adeeb
    May 20, 2014

    What’s all this about? Guys, gravity is the main threat. I like the idea. Let’s proceed if it is really free!!!

  17. Raewyn
    May 20, 2014

    My #beprepared story was taught to me by my brother-in-law.
    It was a tiny new modern cellphone – fortunately and unfortunately as my story will show. When my brother-in-law lost it he was distraught – that phone rarely left his ear and he was advised to retrace his steps.
    That morning he’d got up bright and early as usual and brought the first herd in; milking went well and as a skilled dairy farmer he effortlessly answered calls while putting on the milking cups. The second herd milked well as he chatted to the bank, his farm consultancy partner, inquired about a new tractor, and called his wife to tell her he’d be in late as there was a cow in trouble with her calving.
    It was a difficult birth and he’d had to assist the wee calf into the world by reaching in and easing the little pink muzzle down and out. Mother cow was very relieved and bellowed her thanks as my brother-in-law cleaned up and headed home feeling about 100gms lighter and missing a familiar vibrating buzz in his right hand.
    For half a week his farm workers were asked to listen carefully for a slightly muffled version of the Crazy Frog ring he’d downloaded to his phone as they brought the new cows into the shed…

  18. Brian
    May 19, 2014

    #beprepared – forgot to add this to my last comment…

    Reading a previous comment, I too lost it in the toilet. I did retrieve it, and it survived… both the the quick dip in murky water and the long, careful sanitization. However, no amount of anitbacterial gel could erase the dark memories of where it had been….

  19. Brian
    May 19, 2014

    I was on my first float trip in Missouri with my friend from California. Both of us grew up with oceans and creeks, so we weren’t prepared for floating the rivers they filmed a portion of ‘Deliverance’ on. 20 beers in and wishing we rented a float instead of a metal canoe, the drunk in front of stood up on his float and screamed “I’m King of the World!” before falling back into our boat and rolling it. The canoe took a detour and headed into muddy bank by a downed tree…. a great place for water moccasin nests. If you don’t know about these black snakes and how deadly a nest can be, look it up.
    We grabbed and rolled the canoe back around, grabbed our bag, and attempted to grab the rest of our beer as it floated under the tree and into the muddy death trap (with zero help from drunken Leo as he complained about his head). Back into our canoe, we did an inventory – 1 case of lost beer, no ice, 1 oar, and everything in our bags were soaked. We were rookies, so I never put my phone in a baggie or kayak water bag. I was ready to replace it, so I figured it was just a sign that I needed to move on.
    Up the river, I was able to trade the shirt off my back (literally), my friend’s hat, and my now water-damaged phone for some rum. We then spun down the rest of the river, taking turns with the single oar and learning 2 lessons the hard way. The first was why the shirts/hats were so valuable – a lesson learned through sun blisters all over backs and scalps. The second was that you need to backup your pictures. I lost all my pictures (it was an old iPhone), so this autobackup is something I am going to set up!

  20. Claud
    May 19, 2014

    Please this story is true. Sign claud

  21. Claud
    May 19, 2014

    I was fast asleep one night when thief came in and took my iPhones away I reported it and I didn’t get them back so I purchase other iPhone and it fell in urine in a toilet and I pull it up and don’t use it for a month and when I turn it on it was good to go again thank god.

  22. Declan Winterton
    May 19, 2014

    Well my poor old phone had quite the ordeal! I put on the top of the shower one night and then when I walked out and pulled the towel down, it came down with it! However the phone survived. But then it fell out of the car. And down the stairs. And got drop kicked unintentionally by my friend. But in the end, it was still relatively ok and in one piece. It was months later when I put the poor guy in the washing machine in a pocket of my shirt that the screen just cracked!
    Everything went completely haywire and it didn’t work at all except for one thing. It would still play music if you used voice commands!
    It still worked up until a few months ago when I think the battery finally refused to charge and decided to take the text train to phone afterlife.

    And indeed my phone had photobucket on it thankfully! It was also regularly backed up to my computer so I lost near to nothing.

  23. Robert Rice
    May 18, 2014

    What is Website

  24. Thiago Rech
    May 18, 2014

    When I was going to sleep, I let my phone on the bed table, and then I went to sleep, and my dog was in my room. When I woke up, my phone wasn’t anymore over the bed table, then I realized that my dog ​​gnawed my phone, because my phone was scattered in pieces over the floor. I went crazy on this day…The phone was a Motorola V3688, this happened a long time ago…

  25. Ljudmila
    May 18, 2014

    haha that about the yeti made me laugh, but still it was a good ad remembering me about photobucket. I´ll come back. Have many pictures there from time ago….thanks.