The Earth is Plotting to Destroy Your Phone

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Gravity, toilets, wildlife. They strike unexpectedly, taking your phone down with them. The result? Shattered, soaked, un-useable phones. But even more devastating? Thousands of photo memories lost and forgotten, never to be seen again.

But don’t be scared! We may never win the battle against phone destruction, but we have found a cure for lost photo memories. Download the free Photobucket app, and turn on your auto backup immediately! Your phone may fall victim to destruction but your photos will live on forever.

Tell us your story and win.

We want to hear your most unbelievable, strangest, most hilarious or horrifying smartphone incedent.

Share your phone destruction story in tweet, photo or video form with the hashtag #BePrepared to be entered to win $250 in Photobucket Print Shop credit! (Our most awesome prize yet)

Don’t be another statistic. Backup your photo memories today before they are lost forever.

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  1. Jillian N
    June 3, 2014

    In NO on the 3rd floor roof of my hotel looking at stars I placed my cell down-immediately it slipped & flew in an elegant arch beyond the edge of the roof. 3 seconds later a loud expletive came from below on the street. I made no attempt to recover said phone. #BePrepared

    June 1, 2014

    basically I had my phone for about a year it was a galaxy note 3 then the screen crack then the LCD took a dump and the phone does not come on anymore except it will come on but Spence the LCD took a dump when the phone is on I can’t see anything on the screen so pretty much my phone is a paperweight. So I would love to win.

  3. Sarah
    June 1, 2014

    I sat my phone inside of a “pocket” on my husbands center console in his truck. We bought sodas from a fast food restaurant. We Set the sodas on top of that console, Upon stopping at a light one of the sodas tipped and filled that console “pocket”, where my phone sat, full of soda. Every circuit in my phone was fried.

  4. David
    May 28, 2014

    Went hiking and upon returning to the car, I set my phone on the roof of the car to change, jumped in and drove off onto the busy highway totally forgetting about my phone. Heard something hit the back of the car and when my friends and I looked back, it was my phone…Shattered into pieces on the highway, then got ran over by the cars behind me. Couldn’t turn around to salvage anything safely with all the cars whizzing by at 55 mph+.

  5. Carrie Patterson
    May 27, 2014

    The phone before my current one, took two plunges in the toilet… Yeah I guess I didn’t learn after the first one.
    It also had two complete baths with coffee. It also had a bath in diet Pepsi… And dropped numerous times on cement and asphalt. All of this believe it or not without a protective case… But it finally rebelled and shattered one day from all the torture, by a simple one foot drop onto the sidewalk … I WAS LIKE REALLY? – it survived through mishaps that would have immediately killed other phones, and decided to break on the most simple falls of them all! I can’t complain too much though because each time it pulled through after an accident – I was amazed it kept on working. It was even working after the front shattered, however I could not put up with shards of glass, sticking out of my face. After four years, I had to retire it.

  6. firls
    May 27, 2014

    Fell with a motorcycle, my phone was in the pocket of the leg I landed on. Phone was pretty damaged (it actually still works), but my thigh got saved from having road rash.

  7. Jamie
    May 27, 2014

    I left my #beprepared video on YouTube.

  8. kong nam cheng
    May 27, 2014

    Left my bag in the car with my phone during a monsoon. The area where i parked was flooded waist deep. Ended up with everything ruined. My car and phone can be and was replaced but not the photo memories. So always remember to be wise and #BePrepared.

  9. Oana Serban
    May 27, 2014

    The first time my smartphone broke, I almost cried. It was my first one and my most beloved posession at that time. Still new, still shiny, it used to awe me like nothing ever did before. But our story was beautiful and short. I didn’t get to discover all of its functions, it didn’t get to have my fingertips imprinted on its screen. ..what can I say, some things are really not meant to be. But I will never forget the feeling of horror when, after turning my back for just a split second, I turn around to see my 1-year-old dog chewing something, its sharp teeth sunk deep in a shiny black plastic object…when my brain finally connected the dots and I realised what was happening, it was too late. The screen was all shattered, the battery and the insides were destroyed….My phone was dead, together with all our memories.
    I blamed the dog at first and then I blamed myself…but then I learnt that the best thing you can do is to accept the destiny and be at peace, at all times.

    The second time I lost a smartphone, it was winter. It snowed heavily that year and the snow was starting to melt, forming huge puddles everywhere in the city. I remember that it was also my birthday and I was running to meet my friends for a drink, my bag in my hand and my phone in the other one, trying to catch up with everybody who wanted to say happy birthday. Again, it only took one second of inattention to drop my phone into the deepest puddle I’ve seen. The ‘plop’ sound it made when it hit the muddy water still haunts me today. It sunk, together with the beautiful photos he used to make and my whole world. Back home that night, I tried to resuscitate it, but there wasn’t anything I could do. I dryed it with a hairdryer and even put it in rice over night to absorb the water..but it was all in vain. I left it there in its ricey tomb and moved on. It was the smartest thing to do at that time. Just as smart as my poor phone used to be.

    The third time I had to say good-bye to my smartphone, I was in love. Not with a phone, but with a real person, made of flesh and blood. But things weren’t going so good with us. How could they, with my uneasy past? We used to fight a lot and I used to lose my temper so much, that not rarely I found myself throwing my phone across the room, on the floor or to the nearest wall. Yes, I was that kind of person. I have no excuses, but what excuse do you need when you are young, passionate and in love? Needless to say my phone didn’t last so long in this conditions. It only took me to throw a little bit harder one time…and that was it. I could never start it again. And I wasn’t even sorry.

    Now I have the same boyfriend and a new phone – a more expensive one that I’m trying not to get too emotionally attached to. We don’t fight so much anymore – my boyfriend and I, but whenever we do and I feel the urge to throw my phone again, I think twice and resist it. Because I have a really expensive phone and I would be sorry if something happened to it. And you know what? Things have never been better.

  10. coffeeguy 1898
    May 27, 2014

    Not all phone and toilet accidents have to end up in disaster. I dropped my phone in the toilet, unfortunately before I was able to flush it so I had to rinse out my phone in lots of clean water first! The trick is to shut if off immediately and take out the battery. I rinsed out the phone then put it into a plastic container filled with rice (preferably toasted rice so it absorbs more moisture) and leave it there for 24 hours.

    After that I charged up the phone and powered up. It has been working well since then.

  11. KerryS
    May 26, 2014

    Attended our annual footy grand final (90,000 + people) got all thru the match, lots of txts with other fans, went to the toilet, and phone slipped out of my pocket, of course, and straight into the toilet. And NO, rice doesn’t work.

  12. David Herrera
    May 26, 2014

    Well I had just got out of the hospital from hitting a 6-point buck on my motorcycle and shattering my leg . I was laying with my leg with screws and cast holding it together having to use crutches to get around as I get a call from my dad saying someone stole one of our other motorcycles from the front of the house and to call the cops since he is in pursuit of the thief. As I reach for my crutches and try to dial 911 I drop my phone shattered it and on top of that I loose my balance and put one of the crutches on it and break it even more . Luckily I was still able to make a call . We recovered the stolen bike but the phone is unfixable . That was the icing on the cake my phone matched my leg shattered and broken #BePrepared

  13. JAN
    May 26, 2014


  14. JAN
    May 26, 2014

    I was hiking on a mountain In Alaska one day, checking out a glacier. I had no pockets in my shorts. My husband wouldn’t hold my phone for me. I stuck it in the back waistband of my pants.
    Later… Did you know they have unusually large, “luxurious” port -a – potties in Alaska? Well, I entered and was about to… … when… PLOP!
    Yep, my “camera was in the pot”!
    Oh boy, I came out and met my friends with a stunned look on my face, repeating these words over and over; “my phone is in the pot”…

  15. Chris
    May 25, 2014

    I had my phone in one of expensive water-proof cases. We were at a resort in their lazy river and I decided to put my Iphone in my pocket, which was underwater. It instantly felt warm then very hot, a bright light came on and it was DEAD! Ouch!

  16. Edrew Cardano
    May 25, 2014

    I was fishing in a pond when suddenly a big fish (about 1m tall, 4 inches thick approx.) bit and jumped out of the pond towards me, I was desperate to put that fish back on the water and what accidental thing that I done was threw my Iphone 5 to the big fish but I missed, so it fell on the water instead, Got all my photos of cute girls from different car and cosplay conventions that weren’t backed up.
    #BePrepared and have your photos backed up with photobucket 🙂

  17. Tami Matz
    May 25, 2014

    Me, my husband, and our three children went fishing off of a dock one day. Our SUV was parked at a boat launch, with the rear of the vehicle facing the water. It was a windy, chilly day in early May, in MN. Me, my 2 year old son and my 4 year old daughter got cold and bored quickly, so we went to sit in our vehicle. My husband and 6 year old son stayed fishing on the dock. I was in the passenger seat with my 2 year old on my lap. My daughter was in the driver’s seat. The keys were in the ignition, so we could listen to a CD. All of the sudden I noticed the vehicle was rolling backward down the slanted cement boat launch and into the lake because my daughter had put the vehicle into reverse! My husband and son watched in horror from the dock as Mommy and the other kids rolled backward in our vehicle, deeper into the lake. I could not throw the vehicle into park from the passenger’s seat and could not get to the brake as the console was in the way and I had a child on my lap! Before we knew it, water was covering the hood of the vehicle and it felt like it was sinking deeper into the lake. My husband jumped in the water to try to rescue his family. The vehicle doors would not open. He prayed to God and then got the driver’s door open and my kids and I watched as cold water rushed in and started filling up the vehicle. My husband lifted our two children out of the vehicle and carried them above his shoulders as walked out of the lake. I followed and we all turned around and just stared at our vehicle, . I later retrieved my waterlogged purse from the vehicle, which had my cell phone (and camera!) inside of it!

    • Tami Matz
      May 25, 2014

      Forgot to add #BePrepared

  18. Val Tait
    May 25, 2014

    when I was punching down a small merlot ferment, my foot slipped off the ‘plank’ and in the process of saving myself, my phone fell out of my pocket into the ferment. The end of the ferment and the end of the phone … thankfully it was a small ferment, sadly it was my new iphone

  19. Mark Deshong
    May 25, 2014

    Got a flat on one of my cars, when roadside,came to my house to change it, I sat my phone on other car to sign paperwork and put flat tire in trunk of car with flat. About an hour later, decided to go to store in the rain and get a drink. Came home looking for my phone to charge it, couldn’t find it. So I used the GPS tracking device and found it on a main road in front of the store. Picked it up soaking wet, and smashed and screen shattered like a jigsaw puzzle. Dummy me it fell of the trunk of the car, forgot I sat it up there while signing paperwork.

  20. Tam
    May 25, 2014

    We had finished dinner one night and I loaded the dishwasher, turned it on and left it to run. I plugged my phone into charge using the outlet above the DW. I realized I forgot some dishes and grabbed them to add to the DW. I opened the DW…which had the cord from my charger hanging over the counter about 3-4 inches looped in front of it. When I opened the running DW it caught the cord just right and launched my phone in this perfect arching spiral in the air with it landing perfectly in the full reservoir of water at the bottom of the DW. I couldn’t recreate it again if I tried a hundred times!

  21. Susan O'Connor
    May 25, 2014

    I always avoided having a mobile, but the family convinced me that ‘I’ needed one… nothing to do with them. First day out beautiful sun, winery, lunch, more winery. Heading home (on the bus) and put the last 3/4 full bottle of wine in the hand bag for later. During the night aliens invaded our accommodation, there were weird electronic noises, flashing lights, more alien electronic noises. Most certainly aliens. I tracked one particulare alien down, hiding in the bottom of my handbag, absolutely soaked in the now 1/4 full bottle of wine. No, not an alien, but my one day old phone in it’s alcohol induced death throws….

    • Susan O'Connor
      May 25, 2014

      #BePrepared for aliens, they can arrive at any time.

  22. Cindy Anderson
    May 24, 2014

    I had bought a Samsung to use as a miniature tablet. I was not connected to a phone service for nearly 2 weeks. I took lots of pictures of friends and family who visited with me when I got out of the hospital. I had to go back to the hospital and decided I needed a phone to call long distance. I got connected to a phone company but did not realize they did what they called a clean install and they deleted all my pictures!

  23. Mickey
    May 24, 2014

    I was up on top of a cement truck agitator with bowl spinning checking the slump when my phone lept out of my top pocket into the mix! This was a block fill load which was emptied into a pump truck fitted with three quarter inch square screens. I watched the whole time and not one single piece of phone showed up on the screens!

  24. Nichole Smith
    May 24, 2014

    Upon arriving to the river where my girlfriend and I were planning on perusing the waters on our paddle boards for hot men with boats, we decided that despite it being a terrible idea we would bring our phones with us. Mostly just in case we end up in the Delta on some yacht and need a ride home later that night. Being the clever girls we are we put them in a ziplock and tied the bag to the inside of my fedora (hat). Did it fall in you are wondering? Nope! In fact they remained safe and dry inside the hat. Six hours later we have packed up the boards and are eating dinner at one of the restaurants on the river with our new “friends”. Proud of our accomplishments for the day, I get a text from my (recent) ex-boyfriend. I picked the phone up to view the message and it slipped out of my hand. It proceeded to bounce off the table, on to my knee, then instead of landing on the ground, it continued to bounce off the floor which was a wooden dock and twenty feet down into the dirty brown river. Thus ruining the rest of my night. My ex-boyfriend and I are know happily married. #BePrepared

  25. Tanya Deacon
    May 24, 2014

    My son had my old phone….and we couldn’t remember what provider it was locked to. So took the sim out of my phone and put it into his. Job done, I removed sim, which came away from it’s casing and in my single minded idiocy, tried to stuff it back into mine, destroying the sim and the pins. His phone works fine!