Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Lofing

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9afaa997-6ccb-452a-bce9-2b31eb9cd985_zps65835020Meet Jennifer Lofing. Jennifer’s been here at Photobucket for over seven years. As a content moderator, she works to keep Photobucket.com a clean, safe place. We want to know: What does Jen, who has seen it all, store in her Photobucket account?

PB: Jen, tell us a bit about yourself.

Jennifer: Well, I’ve worked at Photobucket for over seven years. I’ve been through a few different departments but made my way back to Content Mod. Outside of work, I enjoy riding my Harley, spending time with my dogs and fiancé, and working on my fitness.


PB: Help us understand your job. What is a content moderator?

Jennifer: Content Mod, as we refer to it, is basically looking at the millions of pics and vids that are uploaded to the site and removing the ones that violate our Terms of Use.

PB: As a content moderator, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Share with us some of your favorite pictures.

Jennifer: Here’s a link to some of my favorites. Viewing photos and videos everyday, I’m always coming across great new stuff. It’s easy to fill an album.

PB: You’re a Photobucket veteran. Tell us your favorite way to use Photobucket.

Jennifer: I love the iPhone app. I take pictures of everything with my phone. Knowing that they’re all safely backed up in my Photobucket account is great. I can go there, crop, edit and delete the bad ones, and share with my family. It’s awesome.

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