Fact: Tequila smells like bad decisions

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So make a good decision before you go out for Cinco de Mayo celebrations and turn on your auto backup. It’s simple. You relax and take loads of awesome pictures, and we’ll automatically back them up to your Photobucket account so that you can relive the fun later.

Here’s how..

If you’re a first time Photobucket app user you’ll be prompted to turn on your auto backup right away. Simply download the app here for iOS or here for Android.

If you already have the Photobucket app, fire it up and hit the menu icon  in the top corner. For iOS users, tap Backup, then tap Enable. Only the wording is different on Android – tap the menu icon, then tap Backup, then Start Auto Backup.

That’s it!

Now snap away — awesome sombrero selfies, pinatas, parades, the works.Your photos will safely backed up to your Photobucket account so that the fiesta can live on… and don’t worry, your photos will be set to private by default. You can erase any moments that don’t look as good in the light of day later.