Fall Bucket List

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The leaves start to turn.

Flip flops are stored away.

Coffee is ordered hot, not iced.

And the weatherman says grey clouds are on the way.


But your fun doesn’t have to fade with the setting summer sun! Check out our list of must-do autumn activities in this special Photobucket edition of The Ultimate Fall Bucket List!

1. Rake up a pile of leaves and jump in them! For added fun, bag em’ up in jack-o-latern or ghost trash bags and set them out on the curb. Spooky and productive!
2. Experiment with chilly weather’s favorite beverage… hot cocoa! Cinnamonn, mint, white chocolate, classic. Check out our favorite recipes here.
3. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to get organized! Face your closet head on and bag up excess clothing to donate to your local thrift store. While you’re there, check out the store for “new” used sweaters to wear for the season!
4. Host a scary movie marathon! Round up your favorites, pop some corn and snuggle up for some thrills.
5. Have a pajama party! Rainy weekend got you down? Celebrate a grey day by staying in your pajamas as long as possible. Who needs to leave the house? There’s plenty of fun to be had indoors.
6. Blow the dust off the ole’ crock pot and give it a go! Simply add your ingredients, turn it on low, come back a few hours later and you’ve got a feast. Check out some easy recipes here.
7. Ditch the electronics and write your friends and family a letter. They will be thrilled to get something besides bills in the mail, and if they return the favor, you might just have yourself a brand new pen pal.
8. Visit a pumpkin patch! A great activity for the family to enjoy hay rides, pumpkin picking, caramel apples, corn mazes and more.
9. Want to get out of the house even in cold weather? Visit a museum and discover culture, history, science or art.
10. Take a nature walk and enjoy all the beautiful fall colors. Bundle up and be sure to bring a camera to capture this majestic time of year… it doesn’t last long.

Don’t forget to capture your fun in photo form!

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