Fall Cell Phone Releases

by Tom Munro, Photobucket CEO

The anticipation of Apple’s iPhone 5 has had the industry buzzing for months now. Consumers are eagerly awaiting the smart phone with promise of a new camera and a lighter but sturdy model, among other things. But, as of last week, the Washington Post reports that the phone launch may be delayed, possibly into next year. While consumers may be disappointed, it’s not stopping carriers from releasing competitive products. For example, there is the MotorolaDroid Bionic – ComputerWorld gives it an all around positive review minus the battery life whichAndroid’s have never been known for. I love that the phone has two cameras – one on thefront and one on the back. And with 8 megapixels – you’ll never miss a good photo opportunity!

AT&T is hot on Verizon’s tail. Last week they launched a 4G LTE network in five cities – PCMagazine tested the network in Houston in eight locations to provide an accurate comparison toVerizon. The result – AT&T is going to be “screaming crazy fast.” I look forward to the networkmaking its way to Denver. But Verizon isn’t lagging behind. They announced a 4G LTE networkin the Birmingham metro area today and plans to have 185 million people covered by LTE bythe end of this year. What’s clear is that smart phone technology and network technology israpidly advancing and consumers are eager for the best.

I am really excited about all of these changes and advancements not only for personal use butfor Photobucket users as well. It means sharper images, faster uploading time and more waysto share. If you are using a new phone that you love, we would love to hear about it.

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