Fall Color Splash Tutorial


Turn your colorful fall photos into unique and eye-catching
photos! Try creating a Color Splash photo by selecting certain areas to be in
color. Here are some simple instructions on how to create one:

1. Click the "edit" link above the
thumbnail you want to edit.


2. Select the "Effects" tab, and click
the "Greyscale" button to make your photo black-and-white.  

Bigger colorsplash2


3. To add a splash of color: Click the
"Advanced Options" button, and select “painted region” from the
drop-down menu.  


4. Highlight the part of the picture you want to be
black-and-white. The part you don't highlight will be in color. The
large black dot on your photo is the brush, drag that around your photo
to select the areas you want to remain in black and white.


Voila! You have just created a Color Splash photo!


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