Fox Interactive Media Completes Acquisition of Photobucket

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Today we are announcing the final "close" of the acquisition of Photobucket by Fox Interactive Media.  For all our users, we expect nothing to change in our day-to-day operations. The plan is to operate Photobucket as an independent, standalone company within FIM.

We plan to continue developing innovative tools that enhance self-expression and give you the best media sharing, linking and searching experience on the Web. Partnering with FIM will give us added resources and support to deliver on this vision, as well as the ability to offer new features for you — our most important audience.

If you have questions or just want to drop us a line, write a comment here on the blog, or email us at We read all your emails and messages. Keep them coming. And most importantly, keep all the great ideas coming.

Official Press Release
Los Angeles, CA – July 9, 2007 – Fox Interactive Media, Inc., a division of News Corporation, announced today that it has completed its previously-announced acquisition of, Inc.  No financial terms were disclosed.

About Photobucket
Photobucket is the Web’s most popular creative hub, with more than 45 million users linking billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows and videos daily to hundreds of thousands of web sites, including: MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, eBay, Craigslist, Blogger and Xanga. In addition to linking content, Photobucket users share their personal digital media by email, instant messaging, and mobile devices. Every day, over 7.5 million personal photos, graphics and videos are uploaded to Photobucket for sharing with family, friends and the online world. The company actively moderates content to create a safe environment for its users, partners and advertisers. Photobucket has offices in Palo Alto, California and Denver, Colorado and is located online at For the latest feature announcements and news, please visit the Photobucket blog at <> .

About Fox Interactive Media
A division of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS), Fox Interactive Media (FIM) offers a global, border-free online network that caters to consumers by giving them the platform and tools to express themselves, communicate with each other, and engage with the best music, TV, film, sports, information and more.  The company’s worldwide network includes such category leaders as MySpace, IGN Entertainment,, RottenTomatoes, AskMen, and more that together comprise one of the largest and most engaged audiences on the Web.
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Dan Berger
Fox Interactive Media


  1. awksedgreep
    July 20, 2007

    Fox . . . well that’s just fantastic.
    I won’t be renewing. Can anyone suggest an alternative to Photobucket?
    I was really starting to enjoy the service too.

  2. Gerry
    July 13, 2007

    Photobucket is great! I hope you don’t start charging any money since it change owners. Continue being free! Thanks!

  3. s1lentsc0pe
    July 13, 2007

    LOL, You guys don’t seem to relize that Myspace was also Aquired by Fox (Or it’s Parent Company, News Corp), and look at how that turned out… Errors and ADs everywhere (not that Photobucket Really Skimped out on the ADs)
    Ok, well I’m out, you guys enjoy the useless features, ADs, and errors, Im gonna go find another Photo Site with Album Features…

  4. Georgia
    July 13, 2007

    Photobucket is a great community but i agree with Sparrow79 that if the community were able to post comments and subscribe to a user it would increase the use of photobucket, the forums are good but they are hard to keep track of and a PMing system would be greatly appreciated to be able to cummnicate with users.
    I haven’t met anyone online yet that hasn’t heard of if not use photobucket as their central image hosting.
    Thanks to all the team at photobucket!

  5. Ross
    July 11, 2007

    I can only see this as a better service to PhotoBucket users.

  6. Sparrow79
    July 10, 2007

    Why don’t you turn this cool website into a community site like YouTube? We could post comments on each other’s images and watch each other’s profiles etc. I like Photobucket and I know that it could be better than it is now.

  7. Richard C. Osborne Jr.
    July 9, 2007

    I am looking forward to new innovations that I know will be shortly forthcoming ! I know Fox is a great company and will enhance photobucket’s features ! Thanks !